The Internet is My Favorite

Dear readers, let’s come fresh off of a great run of posts on meal planning and soak up some of the best internet out there, shall we?


This salad is a very loose interpretation of one from Love and Olive Oil. The mini tortellini is a favorite purchase from Trader Joes (in the pasta aisle, not refrigerated section).

You should probably drop whatever you’re doing right now and listen to Katie Couric interview Ina. (Spoiler alert: Ina says shit twice! It feels so saucy!)

Cup of Jo linked to this before the last long weekend, and it (got a little long, but) reminded me of one of my favorite parts of one of my most recent reads. I didn’t know there was a name for all those administrative tasks I was managing in our family. Related – I freaking love administrative tasks.

**Update** Design Mom posted about this yesterday too. When there’s so much energy behind a post right away, you know someone has struck a nerve.

This Frito pie chili biscuit skillet is not something I’d usually make, but ever since I saw it, I’ve kind of been dreaming about it.

I love what Tsh writes about a chill-but-orderly summer. That’s the exact kind of pacing I like. (A reminder that if you have tiny people in your home all the time, if you want it to be summer, you have to make it summer.)

I had no idea you could buy so many Kit Kat flavorsKit Kat flavors in Japan. I’m intrigued.

Do you have any Little Free Libraries in your neighborhood? I adore them, and have a couple I check frequently.

I love everything Inslee draws, but I also adore what she writes. Happy to see a new blog post from her. Always cheering for new moms.

And while we’re on the subject of moms, Design Mom linked to this, which led me to this Instagram account, which is a wonderful reminder that every single person on this planet is the most beautiful.

Never thought about it this way – interest vs. attention span.


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