Dear readers, I found this draft I wrote months ago, but never published. It was the most fun to find and share with you today. Happy Thursday, make it a good one.


Yesterday evening, I got a glimpse of my dream life. It involved my little boy, 7 of his biggest and best role models, 2 moms I look up to, and hours of play.

When we moved to our neighborhood we did so because it reminded me of my own childhood ‘hood. It was the kind of place where if you’re on the lookout, you might still find some free-range kids. We’re so lucky that we know several, and we meet them out and about on the streets whenever we take to the stroller.

There are so many days that feel hard, or endless, or like all I want is the plan I had when I started my day to be more or less how the day ended up shaking out. Stick enough of these kinds of days back to back to back to back to back, and I become this nightmare version of myself I don’t like, but I can’t shake. Mom life, anyone?

And then there are these moments, like we had this afternoon, where I see so clearly what matters. Connections with people, deeply good people. And everything else just falls away.

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