When Done Really Is Better Than Perfect

I had an aha moment the other day, wherein I realized a shift had gone down in my life. When I was working full time, I was productive because I had to be. I had to meet deadlines for work, and fit in all the stuff of life around those deadlines. And now my life is completely different. There are very few deadlines, most of which are self-imposed anyway, and thus, I’ve got some wiggle room. But I’m still obsessed with productivity. And the reason is because if I can get the boring stuff of life out of the way, I have more time for the best stuff. Which for me includes playing outside, reading, and cooking. So I have a new take on productivity.

I didn’t used to believe in “perfect is the enemy of good” or “done is better than perfect.” Why would you do something if it wasn’t perfect? Oh, Jennie of old. You also used to walk by the pre-chopped vegetables at the grocery store and wonder who on earth would ever need to buy those. And now you’re the person who is trying to entertain a small person whilst making dinner, and how would you ever get that done if pre-chopped vegetables didn’t exist? Things change. Seasons of life and all that. So for now, when it comes to the old to-do list, done is often good enough. Someone else can be perfect. I’m over it. Here are a couple of examples of how that’s come into play most recently.

Done is Better Than Perfect - my 2014 mantra. I'll be getting some serious things done in 2014!  // Lara Casey (www.laracasey.com)


Photo Books for Goop’s first year – I used to scrapbook. Scrapbooking gets a bad rap for being a cheesy hobby, but oh, how I loved it. It gave me some time to be creative, and I have these beautiful albums with pages upon pages of memories. And despite my best intentions for keeping up with it once Goop was born, I didn’t. So I recently spent a series of four days (four nap times, to be more precise, this was hardly a large chunk of the day) creating photo albums using Pinhole Press. They’re uniform, they match an album I had already put together of his newborn photos, and they document big and little moments of his first year. Craftiness will have to wait.

Paying a boatload for shipping on furniture you’ve been meaning to order for 2 years – I mean, that pretty much says it all. When you’re waiting on your husband to go to IKEA, but oh yeah, your husband hates IKEA, sometimes you bite the bullet, pay the enormous shipping costs, and finally get those storage shelves you’ve always wanted for the basement.

Dinner – Oh, how I used to love coming home to cook after a long day. And oh, how I despise it now. It’s not that my relationship with cooking has changed, it’s that it’s no longer relaxing to stir risotto while trying to shake a small child off my ankle. So dinners are semi-homemade affairs. Less cooking, and more assembling. It’s fine. It’s a phase.




4 thoughts on “When Done Really Is Better Than Perfect

  1. General Patton:
    “A good plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect plan next week.”

    “A good solution applied with vigor now is better than a perfect solution applied ten minutes later.”

  2. Let’s talk assembly. I’m so stuck in a dinner rut because I’m going to all the easiest dinners in our rotation. Neighbor friends had zoodles spaghetti style and A commented on how good it looked… a dinner that is not his style at all and seems perfect for people without small children. A sure sign we need to mix it up!

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