Pasta Plans

During the summer I visited a local Italian market near my parents’ house. It’s the most wonderful place. The husband and wife owners make pot pies each week that you have to order in advance because they sell out so fast. Whenever I’m in town I get 4. Two to eat right away when I get home, and two for the freezer.

On my last trip, I chatted with one of the owners for a bit, and also ended up buying a bunch of short cut, dried pastas. (That’s a lie – Wooden Nickels treated me. Thanks, Wooden Nickels!) I’m thinking the rigatoni I got will be used for a Boursin cheese, bacon, and pea type of situation, similar to this, but I still haven’t found a night with 20 free minutes to make dinner yet!


In the meantime, dear readers, I leave you with Bon Appetit’s 19 Easy Pasta Recipes for Emergency Dinners. I’m loving the sound of all of these, but particularly the orzo and pink lady apples one, and the freezer veggies + a chili lime burger!

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