What Do You Do All Day?

Without a doubt, some of my favorite blog posts are typical day, or day in the life posts. Dear readers, yesterday, I took a lot of notes as I went through life, and I finally have an answer to “What do you do all day?” Or at least, “What did you do yesterday?” See below.

?: This is it. I hear Gooplet babbling in his crib, and I never have any idea whether it’s 4:45 or 7:00. Wait for it. Eyes open. 5:23. Ugh, too early. Begin mental adjustment of plans for the day based on a way too early wakeup.

5:30 – My husband gets out of bed to start showering and getting ready, while Gooplet continues to babble and I drift in and out of sleep for as long as I still can.

6:15 – The babbling has turned to whining, my husband is done, so I quickly jump in the shower, and he gets the young master.

6:18 – Someone has come storming into the bathroom in a fit of rage that a) I was not the one who greeted him, and b) he needs a new diaper. I finish shaving my legs with a chorus of howls right in front of me.

6:25 – My husband decides if he’s wailing anyway, we might as well go for that diaper. I hurriedly get dressed so that I’m ready when Gooplet is.

6:27 – Snuggles on the chair in Gooplet’s room while we all recover from the last 15 minutes of our lives. Wander downstairs for breakfast. Cereal for me and my husband, oatmeal for Goop. (He barely touches it, which is weird because he loves oatmeal.)

7:03 – Upstairs to brush our teeth. Despite my thinking that it could be a challenge to get out the door for an 8:00 a.m. dentist appointment, we’ve got gobs of time. Commence family time in our room with toys and hairbrushes (Goop loves them) and running around throwing the light up balls that CV(D) got him.

7:40 – My husband leaves for the dentist. At some point in time there was another tantrum about something so I suggest TV, because there is only so much a person who has been up since 5:23 can take. Gooplet goes back in his chair and we try again with the oatmeal. I open a million canned goods, and put dinner in the slow cooker. Then it’s time to leave.

8:05 – We start getting ready to go, load up bags and buckle car seats. Set off in the car, and I realize I forgot the checkbook. Begin internal debate. Do I beg forgiveness and ask the dentist to bill me, or turn around? We have the time so I turn around, grab the checkbook and run back to the car.

8:45 – Time to get my teeth cleaned. This is one of my least favorite things in the world. Gooplet, of course, shows no signs of being miserable earlier in the morning, and charms the pants off the dental staff. He walks out with a toothbrush, toothpaste, a blown up glove balloon, and a prize from the prize box. I walk out with a clean bill of health and call it good enough. Kiss the husband goodbye and he’s off to work.

9:20 – Coffee. Oh my gracious, how has there been none of that yet today? Venti iced vanilla latte for me and a banana for the wee one. We eat outside at a table away from the masses, and it is a lovely morning, and for approximately 8 minutes, there is peace.


9:40 – Realize that if we make a quick stop at the bank, we will be right by Crate and Barrel when it opens, and can test out sofas. Also realize with a kid who’s been up too long already, I’m pushing my luck. But what’s motherhood if not a giant risk that your kid will lose it when you’re in public? We go for it, and it’s all (even the diaper change in the back of the car) a rip roaring success. I take pictures of sofas and measurements, and Gooplet gets a chance to peek through a hole right at his level that allows him to watch the construction trucks next door. Win-win!

10:50 – We arrive at home and commence playing outside in the sandbox and on the slide. Until Goop hears the sweet song of a truck backing up and we rush to see what is happening in the front yard. After this it’s time to get serious about lunch. After all, there was very little breakfast happening in the morning.

11:30 – As Gooplet grows increasingly tired, he also has lots of opinions about lunch and where it can be best enjoyed. He starts crying and the next 3 or so minutes sound like this, “Broccoli, no broccoli, no no no, broccoli, no broccoli.” Dear readers, I literally set the container of broccoli on the floor and walk away, hoping that he’ll figure his life out and come eat soon enough. It works! I put some Goldfish in another dish. This is not the lunch of my dreams, but he is eating, and hopefully this means he will not wake up hungry from the nap he will take soon. Soon? I hope it’s soon. He later discovers we have clementines and eats two before I cut him off. That’s enough with the fruit, son. You’re bound to go crazy with it again in the afternoon.


11:45 – Seems like he’s slowing down on the lunch front. I put a pot of water on for myself (hello, my favorite garlic noodles), and remember that I started a load of laundry in the morning. We go down to the basement and Gooplet helps me push the buttons to start the dryer, then we measure the width of some of the sofas I liked at Crate and Barrel. There is some dancing to Moana in there too, and a couple trips upstairs so I can keep my noodles going. When they’re done, I cover them with the lid, and run back down. Gooplet grabs books and comes to sit on my lap. After a couple rounds of Where is Baby’s Beach Ball, Llama Llama Red Pajama, and Olivia, he says, “Sleepy.” It’s already way later than he should have been sleeping, but somehow we haven’t gotten him upstairs yet.

12:15 – I change Goop’s diaper, and we read two more stories. There is a crisis moment in which he absolutely does not want his light turned off. I amazingly manage to have another internal worry sesh that he’s afraid of the dark, and it’s going to ruin all of our lives, but I insist the light must be turned off, sing to him, and deposit him safely into his crib. He whines, but seems to be over the whole light thing.

12:30 – I come downstairs for noodles, and to write the morning half of this post. Finish my lunch and it’s time to take the sheets of the bed, get them in the wash, put new sheets on the bed, fold the newly dry clothes, send a couple of emails, and re-measure the basement for the couches with proper (read: child-free) time to agonize about what we want down there. Then I remember I need to order a gift for a 2nd birthday party Gooplet has coming up.

2:30 – Gooplet is up! He never naps this well – it’s a good day. He asks for a pouch and a clementine and I happily oblige. Then he promptly flips out for the next 15 minutes, and I snap my mom friends: I thought meltdowns happened when kids didn’t get what they want. He is inconsolable, and I resort to screentime. That calms him down, he eats his snack, we move on with life.

3:45 – Some Thursdays I have a mother’s helper who comes to entertain Gooplet while I attempt to get things done. He’s not exactly excited because he thinks I’m about to leave. I’m not leaving, Goop! They “paint” with a bucket of water and paintbrushes (or “toothbrushes,” as he calls them) outside, set up a pretend grocery store inside, and read books in the basement while I fold laundry and open the computer. I absolutely cannot open the computer when Gooplet is around because he will come bang on ALL THE KEYS.

5:15 – At 5:15 we take our mother’s helper home, and chat with her and her mom for a little while. We leave at 5:45 to start thinking about dinner.

6:00 – We don’t have to think about dinner because it’s been in the slow cooker all day. At this point, my husband is home and we all dance to “Moana,” while I simultaneously shred the chicken to pieces. Gooplet eats a bowl of chili and we start in on all the dishes of the day. It is astounding just how many dishes collect in a sink when your kid eats out of little bowls and Tupperware containers. We can barely stay on top of it all.

6:30 – Gooplet doesn’t need a bath so we go down to the basement. I think it’s possible to show my husband the couch measurements with Gooplet underfoot, and LOL, it is not. So we hang around until he starts yawning and rubbing his eyes around 7:00. In my dreams, my husband will put him to bed, but my dreams are not reality right now. Last weekend I was away for two nights, and since I’ve been back, I’m all he wants at bedtime. Tonight we manage a compromise, both Mommy and Daddy will put him to bed.

7:15 – By this time, Gooplet is working on falling asleep and I’m wolfing two slices of avocado toast because I’ve got to run to Ali’s to pick up a double stroller before the next day, when we’ll start watching Gooplet’s little friend for the weekend. The best news is my husband has buckets of work to do, Ali’s husband is at basketball, and there is a bottle of wine with our names on it. We hadn’t seen each other all week, so it was good to catch up and gossip.

10:00 – I leave Ali’s house, head home, and get in bed.


3 thoughts on “What Do You Do All Day?

  1. 1- this post was heart eyes in word form.
    2- five. Twenty-three. Bless you.
    3- bedtime is at 10pm?! Bless you yet again. If my kid woke up at 5:23, my bedtime would be 7pm 😛
    4- pictures of sofa inspiration please.

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