Mondays, Am I Right?

Dear readers, so far Monday is kicking me in the pants. I had a meeting this morning, and Gooplet went and woke up even earlier than usual, throwing off our morning mojo. I said I’d bring coffee to the other two folks I was meeting with, and ended up spilling half of it down my sweatshirt and jeans before I arrived. Oof!

Looking for a bright and colorful way to display your favorite trinkets? Try making this easy Rainbow Ledge DIY to give any room a pop of color!

This is your reminder that Shutterbean’s Intentions for the Week posts are the all time best, and if you read the comments, you’ll see I’ve got a call with a home organizer to schedule. Here’s to being more functional and less hot mess.

(And I’m currently obsessed with all things rainbow, especially when it comes to our basement. This image is from Land of Nod, but I can’t recreate it because the green bar is sold out! What’s a girl to do?)


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