Meals This Week

mixed floral melamine plate set ii

(Gave you seen these melamine plates from Caitlin Wilson? They’re sold out. I don’t want to talk about it.)

Monday: Trying something new in the slow cooker; Parmesan and Herb Roasted Chicken and Orzo.

Tuesday: That lasagna I talked about last week never happened, so I’m trying again this week. The meat is defrosted, and if I prep it after bedtime on Monday night, I won’t have anything to do on Tuesday.

Wednesday: The slow cooker is back on rotation for a short ribs dish. This in no way aligns with the summer weather we’re having, but I can only hold off on cooking hearty meat dishes for so long.

Thursday: Three nights of cooking in a row? Leftover time

Friday: Eek, I don’t know yet. I’m supposed to head out of town the next day, and so we’ll get creative with whatever is left in the fridge.

Saturday: Cooking up some risotto with Sous Chef Lauren! The most excited. It will likely be a hybrid of this one and this one, but with rice, not barley.

4 thoughts on “Meals This Week

  1. S- Grilled BBQ wings w/sweet potato hash (and rice a roni for Adam
    M- Rich people meat (modified to omit soy sauce and bring in thsybonenwith the W that I can’t spell or pronounce) w/noodles and green beans
    T- butterfly porkchops stuffed with/surrounded by stuffing (when I grocery shopped it said rain all day today… it didn’t. The meal happened anyway)
    W- chicken noodle soup in the crockpot. (Continue to not let the weather dictate my meals. To apparently the temperature is supposed to continue to drop)
    Th- leftovers because maybe hubs is out at dinner and our fridge is packed
    F- omg. Can we have leftovers again? Maybe spaghetti? I’ve got chicken tenders but can’t have Mac and cheese so who knows!

  2. I made the slow cooker chicken and orzo recipe you included below! Success! So yummy…

    Sent from my iPhone, so typos are most likely Siri’s fault.


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