Links for your Weekend

plaid headboards.

(These plaid headboards are striking.)

Dear readers, have we ever talked about my fascination with the Mormon church? It’s

been an on-going part of my life for some time now. Design Mom just posted about church vs. religion, and I found this post about Mormon bloggers via Julia.

We are on a serious oatmeal bender in our house, and Jessica’s baked oatmeal with bourbon and bananas looks like the best possible way to spice up breakfast tomorrow morning.

When you’re a minimalist living with someone who isn’t. (Or, when you want something one way, and your husband wants it the other). Always love Erin’s peaceful takes on life.

There is not a single thing I need to add to my kitchen collection (see above, and file under: Minimalist, I am not), but this marble cake stand caught my eye at Target this morning, and I can’t get it out of my head.

Always love hearing from Janssen, who is a couple steps ahead of me in the parenting game (she has four little girls under her roof). Her post on chores that toddlers can help with gave me a couple of new ideas.

We are so, so ,so close to Thanksgiving. That means we can definitely be thinking about what’s on the table this year. I bookmarked Simply Recipes’ list of the best store-bought pie crusts just in case it doesn’t all happen from scratch this year. Don’t tell CV(D)’s mom! And one more Thanksgiving-related note. This book is the all time best, and worth a quick reread every year.

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