On Updating Essentials

Tis the season for coveting material goods, no?

I was thinking in the shower the other day, that my husband’s and my marriage has outlived our towels. This is no small feat in that it means we’ve been married for a long time. But it also (mostly) means that we need new towels.

Waffle Towels parachute home

Cup of Jo posted these gorgeous waffle weave towels from Parachute the other day, and a quick search told me they must be in right now because you can find them anywhere. Out of all that I’ve seen, these are my favorite, though, because they look less like towels and more like blankets.

I’ve always gravitated toward #allwhiteeverything, but the possibility of gray is intriguing me. Agonize with me, dear readers, what color towels should we get?

5 thoughts on “On Updating Essentials

  1. You don’t need new towels. You should be genetically programmed to like them almost worn through the middle–a few small holes are good, too–with shreddy strings hanging down both sides. Dry these wonderfully worn towles on the clothesline till they are crunchy. Ahhhhh, perfection!

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