The Internet is a Crazy Place

Dear readers, I have some great links to point you towards today, but I have to share a little story with you first.

There are so many people on the Internet whom I’ve followed for years. My first foray into blogs was via some of the OG scrapbookers, Ali, Elsie, Tara, and Elise. I’ve been “with” them for almost a decade at this point. And then Deb, Joy, and Tracy led me into the world of food blogs, and, well, you’re reading the result of that.

hashtag oprah.

(one of Oprah’s and my favorite sayings)

In the time since I’ve followed these people, they’ve had eight-thousand ups and downs, some of which they’ve shared, and I’m sure, many they haven’t. But this year has been a big one. Ali got married. Tara took the pictures. Elsie is headed to China right now to adopt a little girl. And right after Thanksgiving, Tracy posted that her mom died.

I’ve never met Tracy, but she’s given me my favorite wings recipe, stuffed shells that I love to make for others, hours of podcast fun, and so much more. I’m simply heartbroken for her. It’s strange to think about how to me, she is someone who both is and isn’t a stranger.

The internet is a funny little place, isn’t it?

Here’s what I’m into lately:

If you’re tired of bloggers throwing Christmas in your face, may I point you towards New Years? Because I love me some goal-setting, and this don’t do list idea is my jam.

I think I have a jolly good British accent already, and this is fascinating. Chock full of tips to boost my already amazing Harry Potter read aloud skills.

Speaking of internet “friends” from the good old days, Emily posted a holiday snack board, and as I’m on post-church punch and cookies duty soon, this is looking perfect.

Also, we’ve got a new royal wedding to look forward to. Here’s a reminder that this book (on super sale for Kindle today) is a great one, and worth your time while you wait for spring, 2018.



2 thoughts on “The Internet is a Crazy Place

  1. This blog is my favourite thing on the internet!! And that includes Amazon, etsy and bodenusa! I am so chuffed about the royal engagement! Already planning to take the day off to watch the #royalwedding 💍

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