How to Summer, Part One

In Glass of Milk Land, summer is a verb, so we’re dusting off the old blog and getting ready to celebrate. We’ll start by taking a page from Gretchen Rubin’s book, The Happiness Project, in which she shares (and I live by this one) that a great way to kick your happiness level up a notch is to indulge in a modest splurge.

To summer appropriately, you will need to splurge on:

A cute beach bag. This is The Deano from Scout. I was gifted my first in 2007 and it’s still going strong. But I picked up 3 others along the way because this is the best bag ever. (Related: I know the actual Deano!)

A cute beach towel. I mean, come on. (I also have the pineapple one.) Related: I find that monogrammed towels are lovely, however. If you have children, and are in and out of the pool all day, every day in the summer, skip the extra fee for some sewn on letters. Your towels won’t last long enough to make the monogramming worth it. If you’re a sophisticated adult who “goes to the pool,” but that doesn’t mean you get very wet, by all means, monogram your heart out.

CHOSIGT Ice pop maker IKEA Fill with fruit juice and make your own ice pops. For the mold to easily loosen, rinse with lukewarm water.

Popsicle makers. Need I say more?

Beach reads! There is a time and a place for light and fluffy read and that time is right now. I’ll share more of what I’ve loved, but the new Emily Giffin is probably what I’m most looking forward to reading. (And I still have this older one ahead of me.)

6 thoughts on “How to Summer, Part One

  1. Cute beach towel- check! (I seem to have misplaced all of ours in my postpartum haze this fall, so restocking for about $10 a piece was a fun splurge)

  2. Let’s pick up the pace here, Glass of! We’re almost done summering. And by the way, where DO you summer?

  3. How to summer part two: A guest post (comment) from me!
    Go on vacation, ignore little things that you can put off until later, spend time outside, see as many friends as possible, make time to do nothing., pick things that make you happy and do something every day.

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