A Cocktail for the Weekend [vodka lemonade]

On a hot summer day, nothing is more refreshing than a glass of lemonade.  But it has to be the good stuff–freshly squeezed, not too sweet, and icy cold.  Giada’s Italian Lemonade has a leg-up on even the best homemade lemonades though.  It’s made with basil simple syrup.  Infusing the fresh flavor of basil into a sugar syrup leaves such a bright taste in your mouth after every sip.  I made it earlier this spring, and had been thinking about it ever since.  My balcony basil has sprouted up and all over, so I was due for another batch.  But I had been wondering about turning this drink into a cocktail.

Taking some inspiration from the big girls, I added vodka and was not disappointed.  Not disappointed in the slightest.  Last time I made the drink, I found it quite sweet, and watered it down beyond what Giada was suggesting.  So this time, instead of watering it down, I vodka-ed it up!  What a compromise.

This drink is best served with girlfriends and Real Housewives.  🙂

Sangria and a Social Life

Just emailed my last final and sat down to enjoy a glass of sangria, which has been chilling in the fridge overnight.

And if you pay close attention to my planner, you will notice that there is writing in every little weekend box.  My social life is back!  Say hello to visiting friends, watching live TV, reading, and more importantly, cooking!

And all of that goes better with Sangria, for which you will need:

1 bottle of red wine.  I chose something that said Spanish and “flamboyant as a red dress.”  Read:  fruity.

And you need some Grand Marnier.  I used about 1/4 C but if you like a strong drink, you can go for 1/2 C.

Then, cut up some fruit.  I like pink and green so I cut up strawberries, limes, and a granny smith apple.  You could use anything.

And a lemon.  Because I put lemons in everything I make.

Let it sit in the fridge overnight.  When you’re ready to enjoy, add a little club soda and a couple of ice cubes.

It tastes like summer!