The List of Awesome

Dear readers, March 27 has arrived. It’s List of Awesome time! Below are 50 of the most awesome things I know. And below all those are links to a lot of old lists. This is always one of my favorite posts to put together.


  1. Snapping a picture of your child that is adorable, and not blurry in the slightest
  2. Lemons
  3. Unseasonably warm days
  4. Podcasts, and finding new ones
  5. Getting snail mail
  6. The smell of something baking
  7. Crossing an item off a list
  8. Christmas cards
  9. Washi tape
  10. Blue and white, in just about any form
  11. Fun shapes of pasta
  12. Lazy weekend breakfasts
  13. Cheap pizza
  14. That minute you close a book and breathe deep to soak it in just a minute more
  15. When the movie lives up to the book
  16. Movie theater popcorn
  17. The Harry Potter audiobooks
  18. Endorphins
  19. A good sing-a-long in the car (alone, and at the top of your lungs)
  20. Show tunes
  21. Rest
  22. That feeling after you clean something out
  23. Birthdays
  24. Creating new rituals
  25. Hearing the right song at exactly the right time
  26. Trying a new recipe that turns out just how you want
  27. Realizing hours have passed and you didn’t feel the urge to check your phone
  28. Hanging pictures on the wall
  29. Cute notepads
  30. Hamilton
  31. People you’ve known forever
  32. Spur of the moment invitations that come at just the right time
  33. Screened in porches
  34. Happy hours on screened in porches
  35. Finding a new iced coffee you love
  36. Farmers markets
  37. Libraries
  38. Finding your tribe
  39. Sunday dinners
  40. Five minutes of peace to flip through the Serena and Lily catalog.
  41. Inbox 0
  42. Spring cleaning
  43. A good BLT
  44. Jeans that fit
  45. Paper Source
  46. The advent of baseball season
  47. A friend who does something for you out of the blue
  48. Taking a walk in the sun to get a milkshake
  49. Doing something you didn’t think you could
  50. Sidewalk chalk


The Internet is My Favorite

part deux!


(This is pretty much my mom uniform, and yet, I never appear as pulled-together as her. I’m certain it has nothing to do with our age-gap.)

The other night, my husband was doing the dishes, I was sitting on the couch, and when he turned to ask me a question, I couldn’t answer. I had tears streaming down my face as I read this. “Parenting is easier if you have an abundance of four things: (1) energy, (2) creativity, (3) selflessness and (4) affection. If you give your kids everything you have inside of you, they will eventually give it back.” Brb, I’m dead.

I probably need this for the shower.

I’ve followed Design Mom on and off for years, and recently, Gabby had two posts that I came back to a couple times (and absolutely think are related, as well). Did You Lose Your Identity? and What If Your Partner Wants Fewer Kids Than You? That second one especially, because in it, she mentions the spacing of her kids due to the relative ease of the baby before.

And one more mom-thought. I recently ran into a (full-time-working-) mom-friend with older kids. Are you reading? Hiiiiii. She mentioned that staying home when your kids are little is for you, but that as they grow up, it becomes so much more about being there for them. I get it. I do. And this piece about it getting harder as they grow up? Felt in the same vein.

Jenny says this book is “Sleepless in Seattle meets the Food Network.” In.

So many beautiful tributes to Amy Krouse Rosenthal lately, who wrote equally well for children and adults. A rare gift, indeed: Shutterbean, Cathy Zielske, DALS. And since it seems we’re all sharing our favorite parts of Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, mine is (paraphrasing, because it’s not in front of me) when Amy writes about cars rushing to pull to the side of the road as an ambulance hurries by. It’s like we’re all cheering for it to get where it needs to go. I read the book in 2006, and I still vividly remember thinking, YES.  Yes, that’s what we’re all doing!

When Deb posts brownies, you make the brownies.

Perhaps all my post-birthday reflection has me super nostalgic, but I would love to have one of these made for Gooplet. And while we’re at it, one of these for me and my husband.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Missing Richard Simmons. I was hooked on the podcast, and yet, I’m not sure if that whole search was particularly ethical. Or worth caring about? The premise of S-Town sounds pretty good.


The Internet is My Favorite


(So many painting projects I want to tackle.)

Looking at a lot of St. Patrick’s Day desserts this year. No bake mint chocolate chip ice cream pie, you are calling my name!  (And if you’ve never made Irish potatoes, you should probably get on that.)

My friend Ashley sends me pictures of her gorgeous bullet journal–I’m obsessed.  But I haven’t taken the plunge yet.  Mostly because I have a planning system that, though it may not be the most efficient, works for me right now. Tracy’s bullet journal posts always leave me inspired, though. Maybe someday.

And while we’re on the subject of Shutterbean, this this this this this this this post is what cooking is all about.

But also, this.

Anne’s post about her neverending list actually being finished made me think of Elise’s “just start” mantra. Seriously. Make the call, click purchase on that thing that keeps running through your head, what are we waiting for?

It takes a lot to get me on board with bloggers blogging about toast.  Jessica had me at VANILLA! RICOTTA! HONEY! BANANA!

I am seriously serious about trying a Whole 30 after Gooplet’s birthday. And by Whole 30, I mean a made-up kind where I am still allowed to drink iced vanilla lattes. But other than that-a real Whole 30. This beef, mushroom, and spinach scramble looks like it’s okay, right? Ugh, I just found out I can’t even eat beans!

So many feelings about this book after reading the Nerdy Book Club’s blog post about it.  And then I find out it’s not coming out till SEPTEMBER?

All I want in life is to go to Harbour Island and stay at the Dunmore. Stripes everywhere!



Pinterest Round Up

AGOMYR was kind enough to mention that my pins were looking good lately.  Here’s what I’m loving.  Spoiler alert: it’s all the same.  Pretty prints, pretty houses, yummy food, and words written with good handwriting.


chocolate sour cream cake.:

books on top, shelves on the bottom.:

not afraid of color.:

farm life dreams.:


cinnamon sugar breakfast puffs.:



so much.:

Monday Internet


Love Anne’s tips on planning when you’re not naturally a planner.  And I am naturally a planner.

This Italian wedding soup looks amazing and like it should be on the January dinner docket, for sure.

Now that December is behind us, I don’t know that you’ll need to gift any picture books anytime soon, but I loved Janssen’s little blurb before her list, about writing dates in books.  I’m in.

Perhaps the reason I was in a reading rut is because I was on a roll in the TV department.  The Affair is back (LOVE, but it took a couple episodes to get rolling), Jane the Virgin is killing it as always, American Housewife is cracking me up, and I started Masters of Sex from season one.  Here’s are two other lists of shows I should be watching.  Should I give Crazy Ex Girlfriend another try?

Joy the Baker made baked brown butter champagne donuts.  I’m not normally a donut kinda girl, but please read the aforementioned sentence.

Habit.  I need some new ones in 2017.  And this is how I can get some good ones going.  Maybe?  Reminder , routine, reward; reminder, routine, reward…



Wins of the Month – December, 2016


December Wins:

  • Hung pictures on the wall.
  • Got out of the house to see a play.  And get my toes done.  And my hair.
  • Hosted overnight guests two weekends in a row.
  • Switched a lot of boring life items (toothbrushes, toilet paper, detergent, etc.) over to Amazon’s subscribe and save program.
  • Started some holiday traditions, and kept old ones going.
  • Bought and ate a metric ton of champagne gummi bears.
  • Read a book in three days.

November Wins//October Wins//September Wins

Merry (Day After) Christmas

Merry, merry day after Christmas dear readers.


Need a quick, 10 minute escape from your family, ahem, whatever you have going on today?  Here’s some internet I found.

Any fellow white T-shirt lovers out there? We have to stick together. Here are what 11 T-Shirt bras look like under actual T-shirts.  Spoiler alert.  Of course you can see a whole bunch of them.

Hoping to make these cookies today.

Made this last night.  It’s a show stopper.  Something about a bundt cake.  It’s nostalgic, and looks ten times fancier than it is because of the shape.

It took years, but I think I’ve finally settled on ESTJ as my Myers Briggs type.  According to 16 Personalities I have this in common with Dwight Schrute and Claire Dunphy.  Sounds about right.  Anyway, according to the internet, which is always to be believed, there are 4 kinds of introversion, and 2 kinds of extroversion.  Fascinating to someone who has always thought there’s more I in her than people realize.

Staying home this year has given me all the thoughts about productivity, anxiety, and why everyone in 2016 (and probably 2017, too) is so dang stressed all the time.  This sheds a little insight.  I’m looking to simpler times for some answers.  (Also, this line is everything: The allure of the doctrine of time management is that, one day, everything might finally be under control.)

I suck at small talk.  If you are my best friend I will talk till 3 am with you and never want it to end.  If I’ve never met you and we are seated at a random wedding table together, I’ll excuse myself to go dance so that I don’t have to think of things to say to you.  (ps, my aunt read a book by Barbara Walters along these lines, and I have always wanted to track it down and read it.) (pps, I’ve never forgotten this article – just tell someone their job sounds really hard.  Everyone thinks their job is really hard.)

And if you have a little bit longer, I cannot recommend this Emma Watson and Lin Manuel Miranda He for She video highly enough.  A little Hogwarts, a little Hamilton, a little deep thinking.

Also, OMG, Beauty and the Beast.  I love that I’m now old enough that pop culture wants to bring back my childhood.  And I LOVE that it looks like they pretty much brought the animated movie to life, and made 0 changes.  Do you think the script is the same?  Because maybe after Grandma Glass of Milk gave me the VHS, I watched it so many times I had every line memorized.  Maybe.


Wins of the Month – November, 2016

Why yes, we are almost finished with December, but there is absolutely no way I am skipping celebrating November’s wins.


November wins:

  • Hosting a soiree at Casa Glass of Milk in honor of AGOMYR.  Love her.
  • Organizing a group effort for a homeless dinner, and celebrating said dinner with a pizza party of our own.
  • Giving a new family a couple of freezer meals.
  • Remembering to drink water before coffee.
  • Making it to a cocktail party!
  • Bringing Gooplet to his first basketball game.
  • Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a baby underfoot.

October Wins//September Wins

Thursday Check In – Something New I’m Trying

Earlier this summer, Apartment Therapy told us that we should never ever say we’re sorry when we have guests over.  And then their sister site, The Kitchn went and jump started everyone’s fall with a crappy (on purpose!) dinner party.

cookies and cream puff pastry donuts.:

i really want this.:

And so I did it.  I stopped saying I was sorry.  I had friends over for coffee and I didn’t say anything about the volume of Gooplet’s toys still on the floor.  The dinner I had to order for a group didn’t work out exactly the way I planned, but I didn’t apologize for bringing what was my second choice. I ordered a crazy caloric dish at brunch*, and made no comments about it being a cheat-day, or having a salad for dinner, or some such nonsense.  I ran into someone at the grocery store.  I wasn’t dressed.  I didn’t immediately bring it up.  It’s kind of freeing.  Dare you.

*And while we’re discussing indulgent brunch dishes, let’s discuss Jessica’s Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Donuts, or Love and Olive Oil’s Fruit Loops French Toast, shall we?

Slices of Internet

she's my everything.
(She’s my fall goals. She’s from Tuckernuck.)

  1. Food 52’s cooking club tips weren’t what I expected them to be.  Love this idea. (via Joy the Baker)
  2. I’m simultaneously cracking up, and adding a couple of these books to my Amazon cart.
  3. Happiness.  Schools.  Yes, yes, and yes to this.
  4. Shutterbean led me to Motherwell, and I’m down a rabbit hole of articles.  So fascinating.  So real.
  5. And speaking of Shutterbean, she’s doing some good television watching.
  6. Just added kettle chips to my grocery list so I can make cacio e pepe potato chips.  Simple and brilliant.
  7. These are my fave (SJP forever, duh)
  8. John and Sherry just mentioned this book on the Young House Love podcast.  I had passed it by before, but now I’m intrigued.  The author basically had a panic attack live on The Today Show, and took a series of small steps to chill out.  And then wrote a book about it.
  9. Two words: Dannon Sprinkl’ins #memories
  10. Just skip right down to the part with grilled cheese crumbs.
  11. Putting this on next week’s meal plan, just to make sure I’m leaving no noodle unturned.  Or something.