My Newest Obsession

I am currently obsessed with Katie Couric.

Image result for katie couric


Correct, that Katie Couric.

About 8,000 years to late, I’m jumping on Team Katie.

I was never a regular Today Show-watcher, so this obsession began casually in the fall when someone pointed me toward her podcast interview with Ina Garten, aka, The Barefoot Contessa, aka, my queen. I would listen to anyone’s podcast with The Barefoot Contessa, but I highly doubt I’d learn anything new, as Ina tends to do few interviews, and tell the same stories in each. Not so when she spoke to Katie. Not so at all. I learned some new tidbits and trivia, and most importantly, I heard Ina drop a couple of expletives. Did not see that coming at all.


So I downloaded some more episodes, and have since listened to Katie’s interviews with Martha Stewart, Marie Kondo, Dan Taberski (creator of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast), and most recently, Rabbi Steve Leder.* I also enjoyed her interview on The Turnaround (which yes, is an interview podcast, about interviewers). Dear readers, she’s brilliant, and not afraid to be honest, or ask tough questions. Though you are probably more familiar with The Today Show, and you likely know what I did not.

In conversations where I’ve brought her up, which is to say, in every conversation I’ve had in the last couple weeks, I’ve found out so much about her, and have decided she’s another version of myself. Or, a version of myself I could have been if my life had taken a couple different turns.

She’s working on an auto-biography, but in the meantime, I’ll be working on past podcast episodes, and maybe this volume.

*This particular episode, is hosted by Katie’s regular cohost, Brian Goldsmith, sans Katie.


The Internet is My Favorite

Anyone need an escape at some point this week, perhaps in the form of some links that will inspire? Here’s the best of what I’ve found.

BAGGU Standard Triple Set

Is it too  late to add these to my Christmas list? I need them.

Have you baked enough cookies this month? Here are some white chocolate peppermint cookies because that’s what December is all about. These soft lemon chocolate chip cookies are weirdly appealing to me. I say weirdly because a) I find lemon and chocolate a wonky combination (I have never understood the cover of this book), and b) these call for margarine….wait, what? In 2017? Also, I don’t usually like biscotti, but could maybe get into a soft version. I’m basically so intrigued I feel compelled to make them.

I loved this article Tracy shared, which is also weird because Gooplet is far from sleepover age. But mostly, it parallels every single piece of parenting advice I’ve ever found to be true, which is basically, cut your expectations in half, and then half again. And then you really will have a joyful time.

Dear readers, IOU a reading post, but for now, please note that although National Book Award winners usually aren’t my cup of tea (which always leaves me feeling like the least intellectual human being), I am devouring this book, and though it’s crushing my very soul, I don’t find it too much to read right before bed.

Ahhhhh, the don’t do list. I’ve posted a couple before, and I think it’s time for a refresh. Because writing one is seriously refreshing. I’m mulling over all the goals for 2018 and this is truly standing out to me.

Speaking of lists, dear readers, way back at the beginning of the month, I met with a professional organizer. I want so badly to share all about it with you, but I’m kind of still working through everything I got out of my whirlwind couple of hours with her. This video is not glamorous in the slightest, but I’ve been looking into a lot related to it, and the idea of being an executive for yourself. The idea of not declaring yourself too busy is along the same lines as well.

And speaking of being organized, if you want to impress any guests coming to stay with you soon, you could totally get a cute little basket together for them, a la Emily Henderson. And the wifi password. Always leave people your wifi password! I also love Becky Higgins’ post about hosting people. (SCL and QC, we are going to try our best to roll out this elaborate of a red carpet for you soon!)


The Internet is a Crazy Place

Dear readers, I have some great links to point you towards today, but I have to share a little story with you first.

There are so many people on the Internet whom I’ve followed for years. My first foray into blogs was via some of the OG scrapbookers, Ali, Elsie, Tara, and Elise. I’ve been “with” them for almost a decade at this point. And then Deb, Joy, and Tracy led me into the world of food blogs, and, well, you’re reading the result of that.

hashtag oprah.

(one of Oprah’s and my favorite sayings)

In the time since I’ve followed these people, they’ve had eight-thousand ups and downs, some of which they’ve shared, and I’m sure, many they haven’t. But this year has been a big one. Ali got married. Tara took the pictures. Elsie is headed to China right now to adopt a little girl. And right after Thanksgiving, Tracy posted that her mom died.

I’ve never met Tracy, but she’s given me my favorite wings recipe, stuffed shells that I love to make for others, hours of podcast fun, and so much more. I’m simply heartbroken for her. It’s strange to think about how to me, she is someone who both is and isn’t a stranger.

The internet is a funny little place, isn’t it?

Here’s what I’m into lately:

If you’re tired of bloggers throwing Christmas in your face, may I point you towards New Years? Because I love me some goal-setting, and this don’t do list idea is my jam.

I think I have a jolly good British accent already, and this is fascinating. Chock full of tips to boost my already amazing Harry Potter read aloud skills.

Speaking of internet “friends” from the good old days, Emily posted a holiday snack board, and as I’m on post-church punch and cookies duty soon, this is looking perfect.

Also, we’ve got a new royal wedding to look forward to. Here’s a reminder that this book (on super sale for Kindle today) is a great one, and worth your time while you wait for spring, 2018.



Random Updates Right Before Thanksgiving

Dear readers, I hope you have the most wonderful Thanksgivings ever! I am so thankful for those of you who come visit and spend time with me online. Some of you have been here since the very beginning, over 8 years ago. Wow.

pumpkin skillet cobbler I

(Did I tell you all I made this pumpkin skillet cobbler for a recent Sunday dinner? Mine didn’t look nearly as beautiful, and I’d cut the flour topping by half, but I loved this, and will happily make it again around Christmas time.)

Let’s share some random stuff in hopes that spilling it here helps us move on and focus on the most important things this week – THANKSGIVING. Dear readers, tell me what’s in your heads right now in the comments.

  • Oh man, the holidays are here. Despite the internet announcing their presence for the past month, they’ve still sort of surprised me by being here already. And I am clinging to what little sanity I have, but dear readers, I have to tell you. The one thing I miss most about being childless is the ability to drop everything and do nothing for hours on end. Oh, sure, there was a full time job, and volunteer commitments, and cleaning the house, and whatever. But here and there, you’d better believe there were little spots on the calendar with nothing going on. I miss that life, and the endless YouTube binges it brought with it.
  • I’ve started 4 books recently and put them all down before finishing. It’s not because I don’t like them – they’ve been great. (Though one has been incredibly emotionally intense, and I needed a break.) I always do this – it’s the weirdest. I found two books I had started but not finished the other day on my library’s used book shelf, and I brought them both home with me.
  • Speaking of books, Anne and Leigh have been doing some super fun bookstagram things with Little Free Libraries, and I’m loving it. We have a couple in the next neighborhood over, and it’s making me want to take a big walk in the stroller to see what they’ve got, and maybe leave a book or two as well.
  • We got this Bose speaker for our main level of the house recently. (After we renovated our basement, the soundbar that went with the TV got booted downstairs, and with it went my ability to play music or listen to podcasts on anything other than my phone.) I love it.
  • Our house is in a state of re-shuffling and that’s left the room we used as an office (except really, we rarely event set foot in that room) almost empty. So. Part of me sees that and thinks, we need to put things in that room because usually rooms have things in them, and the other part thinks we should wait and finish a couple spaces we use more frequently before we fill it. I don’t want to fill it just to fill it, you know?
  • I need to go to Costco. There is never a good time to go to Costco.
  • Trying super hard to make healthy choices right now. Holy moly is my life different now than it was before Gooplet came on the scene. Since going to barre 4 times a week isn’t feasible right now, I decided I cannot beat myself up about that. It simply is what it is right now. Instead, I’ve got to focus on what I can do, which for today, is drinking tons of water, and eating fewer snacks between meals. Let’s hope I can stay strong on that aforementioned Costco trip.

Favorite Things

But can you read that title as Oprah, please?

“It’s time for Favorite Thiiiiiiiiiiiiiings.”

You know, deep and sing-song-y?

Dear readers, Oprah has truly out-Oprah-ed herself this year, by gifting us with these promotional photos. She is just the ultimate best; shining so much light into an increasingly dark world.

Here’s what I’m loving from this year’s list.

(These are not affiliate links because I am not that fancy.)

My Audio Pet Mini Bluetooth Animal Wireless Speaker with TRUE WIRELESS STEREO TECHNOLOGY – Pair with another TWS Pet for Powerful Rich Room-filling Sound – (OWLcapella Brown)

Just ordered a little bluetooth speaker for the main floor of our house. We reconfigured our life a little bit, and lost the one we had there. I was agonizing about what to get in its place – a nice speaker felt too expensive, I still don’t understand why anyone needs an Alexa for anything except playing music, and then this little dude popped up for $30, coming with a whole bunch of 5-star reviews. Done and done. He arrives in two days (God bless Amazon Prime), and I can’t wait to listen to Disney Pandora with him. I think this is the first time in my long, storied history with Oprah’s Favorite Things that I’ve ever seen something and bought it right away.

I have a very different relationship with Sundays now that I’m not working full time. Simply put, I love them. Hands-down my favorite day of the week. They are slow, they start with a fancy breakfast (read: pancakes or French toast) and church, they are mostly for family, until dinner, when we welcome friends, and share a meal. Dream. Day. Oprah knows Sundays are for saving your best stuff, too, and she put together this book with some insights from her Super Soul Sunday guests.

Love me a mom shoe, and if these are good enough for O, they are surely good enough for me. Vionic Slip-On Shoes look perfect for wearing with jeans. The hardest decision on days I wear real clothes (don’t judge my activewear habit) is almost always what shoe to wear. What’s stylish is rarely comfortable for someone popping up and down off the floor all day, and what’s comfortable are Nike sneakers, which don’t go with the whole, look, I got dressed in real clothes thing.

Links for your Weekend

plaid headboards.

(These plaid headboards are striking.)

Dear readers, have we ever talked about my fascination with the Mormon church? It’s

been an on-going part of my life for some time now. Design Mom just posted about church vs. religion, and I found this post about Mormon bloggers via Julia.

We are on a serious oatmeal bender in our house, and Jessica’s baked oatmeal with bourbon and bananas looks like the best possible way to spice up breakfast tomorrow morning.

When you’re a minimalist living with someone who isn’t. (Or, when you want something one way, and your husband wants it the other). Always love Erin’s peaceful takes on life.

There is not a single thing I need to add to my kitchen collection (see above, and file under: Minimalist, I am not), but this marble cake stand caught my eye at Target this morning, and I can’t get it out of my head.

Always love hearing from Janssen, who is a couple steps ahead of me in the parenting game (she has four little girls under her roof). Her post on chores that toddlers can help with gave me a couple of new ideas.

We are so, so ,so close to Thanksgiving. That means we can definitely be thinking about what’s on the table this year. I bookmarked Simply Recipes’ list of the best store-bought pie crusts just in case it doesn’t all happen from scratch this year. Don’t tell CV(D)’s mom! And one more Thanksgiving-related note. This book is the all time best, and worth a quick reread every year.

What I’m Working On Now

21 Best Workspace Decor We Spotted on Instagram this Month | Brit + Co

(source – AGOMYR, is this your rug? It looks like your rug, no?)

  • Putting my phone down more often. (During the day, this has been going so well. At night, not so much.)
  • Blocking time on my calendar for to-do’s in the name of doing them once, and doing them right. (Super liking how that’s going and hoping to share more soon.)
  • Choosing calm.
  • Having patience, as we add so many finishing details that make our house feel more and more like home.

The Best Stuff on the Internet

Sharing some of my favorite recent links today, dear readers. Enjoy!

triple layer chocolate chip cookie cake.

(This is the most beautiful chocolate chip cakechocolate chip cake.)

As we make more and more friends with young kids, I’m learning that it’s almost innate for some parents to compare what their kids are doing and what yours are. When I saw this post via Brown Eyed Baker, I teared up. This is what all kids and parents should know. Let’s work on these. We’ve got a long way to go.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. If you need a laugh, try this. I’ve watched it about 8000 times. (Also, it kind of reminded me of this, which is not humorous, nor incredibly appealing to many of you, but was interesting to me.)

Whenever Janssen rounds up kids’ books, I’m listening. I can’t wait to pore over her list of I-Spy books. I put The Odd One Out on my Christmas list, and yes, it’s early October, and I said Christmas. Not sorry.

Joy the Baker shared a recipe for Detroit Style Pizza. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I do know pizza and salad is one of my favorite combinations, and this looks like a great, easy weeknight dinner if you make it on French Bread instead of making your own dough. Sign me up.

Backing up my iPhone. Ugh! I haven’t done it since I got a replacement phone a while back. It’s on that list of to-do’s that are necessary, but not urgent, so it doesn’t get done, and it doesn’t get done, and if I lose all my photos of Goop I’m going to cry. I need to get on it!

What Do You Want to Know?


While I take this Monday to try to climb back into real life after a wonderful whirlwind wedding weekend for Sous Chef Lauren, I figure I’ll let you guys boss me around a little. What questions do you have for me? They can be food-related, or not, ask anything! Let me know in the comments and I’ll pull my answers together soon.