The Cutest Prints

I found this Etsy shop while browsing Pinterest the other day, and dear readers, I’m smitten.

The prints are ones you download and print at home, which means the price is absolutely unbeatable.

When my son was born, I put together a collection of illustrations from children’s books for a small gallery of frames in his room. But I think it’s time to replace them with some trucks and trains.



A friend came over once, and noticed I had a lot of “things that say things” on my walls. She is 100% correct. I love words, and surrounding myself with especially good ones is a habit of mine. I was mindlessly scrolling the internet this past weekend, and finally bit the bullet and purchased this piece.


I’ve been wanting something for the exposed brick wall in the kitchen/living area of our house, and this is exactly the right size and sentiment. Can’t wait for it to get here.

ps, Here’s some more of what’s on our walls from earlier this year, when I challenged myself to get some art with pictures instead of just words and mostly succeeded.

To the Window, to the Wall

Yep. I went there. And I did what Gretchen Rubin told me to do in The Happiness Project and I indulged in a modest splurge.

PB Teen Katie Daisy "Sunshine + Salt Water" Watercolor Surf Art at... ($129) ❤ liked on Polyvore featuring home, home decor, wall art, multi, sea home decor, sun wall art, wood wall art, surf home decor and wooden wall art:

My absolute most favorite tip to give anyone trying to make a house a home is to put art or photos on the walls.

"How about Jupiter?" - Limited Edition Art Print by Maja Cunningham in beautiful frame options and a variety of sizes.

You could be living in a sea of milk crate furniture and those damned IKEA pegs that help you line up shelves, or you could be dreaming of the zillion dollar curtains you’ll have some day on your naked windows, but if you can pull it together enough to hang art, things will start to feel homier.

mother embrace by Kate Ahn at

The beginning of June marks 2 years since we moved into our house. 2 years! And funny enough, we’ve just made a couple of changes to the layout in terms of where we want furniture and how best to use our space.

Wanna know where we got something, or what paint color we have on the walls? Browse each room in our house with shoppable links to get the look yourself.:

Mid-summertime Limited Edition Art Print by Emily Jeffords | Minted 30" x 40" $325.:

So I’m looking at our first floor with fresh eyes, and stalking the mailbox every day to see these pieces arrive. I’ve got a couple more personal items on the way from Framebridge, and then I’ll bust out my hammer.

Flamingos – Signed Acrylic Painting Print by CatCoq. Artwork Printed on 8.5"x11" High-Quality Archival Paper. Tropical Flamingo Wall Art

*Clicking on these items should take you right to the sources.

Home Improvements

As of today, we have lived in La Moneda for a year!  A year!  Though it will have been “finished” for a year in July.  But is a home ever really finished?  The warm weather has me re-energized when it comes to getting this place to look like I want.  Here are some of my more recent finds.

wetherly duvet.:

When the Pottery Barn catalog arrived with this on the cover, bam, click, purchased.  Not just that day, that minute.  It didn’t hurt that it was on sale.  We have a patterned carpet in our room, and a big, splashy, floral print, but we’re going big or going home with florals, because I love this duvet.  (Wooden Nickels, allow me to spare you the comment about how you don’t do duvets.  I know you don’t do duvets.)

eating outside.:


Oh my gosh, the porch.  All I want is an inviting outdoor space where I can hang out with friends for hours.  The (Not So) New Girl and I made it happen on a recent Thursday afternoon.  But things aren’t exactly the way we want them just yet.  On the list of things to improve are a patio, grill, seating area, and twinkle lights.  We made that last one happen this long weekend, and have big plans for the others by the end of summer.*

Chip and Joanna Gaines of the HGTV show "Fixer Upper" have launched a new line of furniture, Magnolia Home, manufactured by Standard Furniture in Alabama. Their hit TV show is based in Waco and surrounding Central Texas towns. Photo: Magnolia Home Furnishings


Ah, the dining room.  We have my husband’s dining set from his bachelor days, and dear readers, the only things that table held were some unopened boxes from IKEA.  And yet, here we still are, 10 years later, eating off that table and using the chairs.  They represent a fateful trip to Crate and Barrel in which we learned that I choose furniture differently from others.  Joanna Gaines has some gorgeous looking pieces I’m coveting when the time and budget are right.

my dream.:

(source–and really, are you kidding me???)

And last, but definitely not least come built-ins.  I have dreams of built-ins everywhere in our house to hold my ever-expanding book collection.  Anyone know of a cheap builder?

*Side note, I am obsessed with this porch-themed stuff from Swoozies.


What I’m Reading

I fell in love with a centerpiece idea I saw on A Beautiful Mess last week.

le pain

It shouldn’t have surprised me to see it there.  After all, these are the girls who dreamed up the guest room cart.

Elsie suggested having a tray full of breakfast carbs along with lots of butter and jam options, and setting it out for weekend guests on those mornings when cooking a big breakfast isn’t on the agenda.  This idea came at exactly the right moment.  I saw it after I had finished eating dinner with AGOMYR at Le Pain Quotidien.  We love splitting a baguette (or two, in this case) and slathering it with their jams and chocolate spreads.  On this particular visit, I realized a combination of the dark chocolate spread with berry jam on top would be to die for.  AGOMYR one-upped me by laying the dark chocolate on first, and topping it with sea salt.  If this combination is such a beloved dinner favorite, why wouldn’t it would just as well at breakfast?  Who wants to sign up for our guest room next?

It’s Beginning

To look a lot….

You know!

Like Christmas.

And on Black Friday, I’m okay with it.

If you can humor me, I have one more home-related post this week.

Because it’s time to decorate.

I don’t go overboard for Christmas.  Nothing like these people, for whom I have the utmost respect, but perhaps not the same amount of time as.  I’d rather be baking cookies.

However, I do deck the halls with little touches here and there.

Getting ready always starts with Christmas sheets.  I firmly believe everyone needs a set.  You think I’m kidding, but these sheets are important.  They’re a teeny little touch that you’ll see every single morning and every single night.  They’re just plain happy, and they’re just for a month, which is not long enough to get sick of them.  Mine are from Pottery Barn, but aren’t sold anymore.  These in stem green are similar, and Garnet Hill has some fabulous flannel options as well.

If you’re sleeping in new sheets each night, you’d best be prepared with Christmas pajamas as well.  I picked up this pair from the JCrew outlet over the weekend, and couldn’t be happier with them.

They make me want to curl up with my favorite holiday movies and a mug of peppermint hot chocolate.

Once your bedroom is ready to go, head to Target and splurge on some melamine dinnerware.

Sometimes when the holidays hit, you’re completely overwhelmed with work appointments, life appointments, and putting together holiday cookie bags for all of your friends and neighbors.  Getting dinner on the table every night doesn’t hold the same thrill that it does the other eleven months of the year, and you need a little extra something special to keep you motivated.  Short of sprinkling glitter all over the table, I can’t think of anything better.

And that, dear readers, is it.  Of course we’re headed to town for a tree tomorrow, and the stockings will be hung by our chimney with care, but that’s where we stop.  The trick with Christmas decorations is, contrary to popular belief, not to go overboard.  Put little touches in places where they’re least expected, and let them keep surprising you.

*A note – in order to keep the holidays sacred, and to ensure you never tire of your decor, these must, absolutely must, be taken down no later than January 2.