On Drinking the Kool Aid

When I was little, there were weekend days when Wooden Nickels would declare we kids had to clean our rooms. Ughhhhhhh. I dreaded those days. You never quite knew when one would hit, and while I’m sure she was strategic in planning them, in my (hyperbolic) mind, we were missing out on soooooo many activities that would be a hundred times more fun. FOMO is real, even for an 8 year old.

It was on those days she taught me about pitch-it moods. You know, when you’re looking in your pantry or closet, or that random shoe basket by the door, and you think, this all has to go?

That’s a pitch-it mood.

As I grew older, I would try to go through my room and clean it up on days I was in a pitch-it mood. Those were the days you could make the most headway.

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Dear readers, I don’t know how else to tell you except to say I’ve been in a pitch it mood for about two months now.

I’ve been thinning out the vast collection of crap in my house in the small increments of time made available to me by the whims of my toddler, and the moments my husband can devote to taking care of him.

When your pantry shelves are narrow, pick product that takes advantage of every square inch.


Without a doubt, I am drinking the decluttering Kool Aid. But here’s the thing. I am drinking it, again and again, every day. Decluttering is not natural to my hoarding tendencies. It feels strange to purge and purge and purge until there is empty space on a shelf. But if Gretchen Rubin is right that “outer order leads to inner calm” (and I totally think that she is), then it’s what I need to do. I need to watch The Minimalists documentary. To read Simplicity Parenting, and of course, The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. Even if these aren’t things I’m going to dive into in full, I need to keep inundating myself with messages that I don’t need more. I have enough. Here’s what my Kool Aid has consisted of lately:

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