In Which it is Time to Hygge

Since it’s almost time to flip the calendar to December, I’ve been working hard (hard!) to ignore blogs and Instagrams that are telling me how stressed I am going to be over the holidays. No, thank you very much, internet, but I will be just fine. I have a toddler, I no longer cling to dreams of baking 8 varieties of cookies and assembling them on plates for the neighbors, gifts almost all come from Amazon in just 2 days, and Christmas Eve should be a quiet, early night at home.


See? Totally fine.

Wanna know what hygge is? Check out my latest post (link in profile) to find out what it is (and how to do it)!


This time of year means that I need to get serious about hygge, which, if you love the internet as much as I do, you already know to be a Danish word that translates to the warm, fuzzy feeling you get deep down inside when you take the time to recognize little indulgences that cozy up your winter.

Or something.

Here is how I hygge. Picture this on repeat every single night in our house:

Gap has long been my go-to for sweatpants and sleepwear. I have never found anything softer, and Gap prices (and sales) cannot be beat. Last year, I bought two pairs of sleep joggers, and I am the toastiest I’ve ever been. This year I’m eyeing another pair. Stars + navy is my love language.

We’ve reconfigured the set up of our main floor, and that means the fireplace is now in the dining room. This is not terrible, and should make for some seriously cozy family gatherings, but it means our living room is getting a little hygge-ier with candles. These in particular because I’ve been given a couple as gifts and never really used them.

Gooplet has been super into anything artsy lately, which for him means stickers, painting (remember these little guys?) and coloring. It’s rekindled my love for coloring and so I’ve busted out the adult coloring books again. So relaxing. Currently trying to find pages that are scribble free in this one. Is it super-weird that I would love to have this all to myself? And while we’re at it, I need some new pencils.