The Best Stuff on the Internet

Sharing some of my favorite recent links today, dear readers. Enjoy!

triple layer chocolate chip cookie cake.

(This is the most beautiful chocolate chip cakechocolate chip cake.)

As we make more and more friends with young kids, I’m learning that it’s almost innate for some parents to compare what their kids are doing and what yours are. When I saw this post via Brown Eyed Baker, I teared up. This is what all kids and parents should know. Let’s work on these. We’ve got a long way to go.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. If you need a laugh, try this. I’ve watched it about 8000 times. (Also, it kind of reminded me of this, which is not humorous, nor incredibly appealing to many of you, but was interesting to me.)

Whenever Janssen rounds up kids’ books, I’m listening. I can’t wait to pore over her list of I-Spy books. I put The Odd One Out on my Christmas list, and yes, it’s early October, and I said Christmas. Not sorry.

Joy the Baker shared a recipe for Detroit Style Pizza. I didn’t know that was a thing, but I do know pizza and salad is one of my favorite combinations, and this looks like a great, easy weeknight dinner if you make it on French Bread instead of making your own dough. Sign me up.

Backing up my iPhone. Ugh! I haven’t done it since I got a replacement phone a while back. It’s on that list of to-do’s that are necessary, but not urgent, so it doesn’t get done, and it doesn’t get done, and if I lose all my photos of Goop I’m going to cry. I need to get on it!

What’s New

It has been forever since I added another list to the internet, dear readers, so after way too long, today is the day. Here’s what’s new with me. Tell me what’s new with you in the comments.

  1. Are you even kidding me with this glass of milk Land of Nod bedding? I need it, and plan on purchasing as soon as we figure out which furniture goes where, post-basement renovation.
  2. I watched the Emmys last weekend. I wasn’t going to because I typically love the Golden Globes and the Oscars so much more, and I was tired, but dear readers, the show was awesome. Great outfits, speeches, winners, and the cherry on top was that it opened in song (as obviously all awards shows should).
  3. I spent the night away from Gooplet for the first time last weekend too, and I’ve got two more nights away in the near future. It should have felt amazing, and in many ways it was, but mostly, I just like when our little family of three is under the same roof. I am so out of sorts when we’re not. So curious to see if this feeling changes the more I up and leave.
  4. Speaking of Gooplet, when we collect him from his crib in the morning, he asks where people are. “Daddy? Moo? Coco?” and then he makes his next request, “Mo-ah?” And we proceed to listen to the Moana soundtrack on repeat for the rest of the day. Dear readers, I’m over it.
  5. Queen Cupcake is back on the East Coast, and before too much longer we will have seen each other three times in a month! That’s gotta be a record for us, at least post-2002. We’ve got plans for a November get together, and another a couple months after that. I can hardly contain my excitement.
  6. Will I send you into a pumpkin-spiced panic if I tell you how excited I am for Halloween and Thanksgiving this year? Dying to host the latter since we all know I was still a hot mess of a mom last year, and couldn’t cook my own turkey. I will? Okay, never mind, forget I brought it up.

Guess Who’s Back?

Dear readers, I didn’t intend to leave you for a month but that’s exactly what I did. I missed you tons and I didn’t miss you at all. But it’s good to be back. Let’s start slow, shall we?


When I sat down to menu plan for the week I saw this and remembered that OMG I love arugula in the summer. It just tastes right. Planning to make that salad, plus put a bed of peppery greens under this.

Emily Henderson’s advice for students heading to college is spot. On.

Rachel’s guide to staying along 30A in Florida has me wishing for another vacation, and we only just got back. (Clea from The Home Edit just stayed here too, and shared about it in her Insta stories. Yes please!)

Oh, and Kelle and her family went off to Mackinac, which has long been atop my list of places to go. Basically what I’m saying is I want to chase resort life all year long.

Thick enough to go commando“? I thought I knew everything about how Lilly got her start, but I learned a couple of things from this article.

Love this list, pairing YA Fiction with Non-Fiction.

I always roll my eyes when bloggers post people’s house tours because they all look the same to me. But Joanna’s new apartment in Brooklyn seems like it breaks the cookie cutter mold, and like people actually live there. I love it.

Molly and Deb each dabbled in wedding baking this summer, and I loved the results.




Enjoying a slower schedule – for about 6 months I kept thinking, things will slow down next month, and that kept not happening. Now it’s happening and I’m loving it.

Reading only the lightest and fluffiest material now that summer is here. The one upside to my husband bringing home buckets of work every night is that it leaves me plenty of time with my books.

Donating more clothes, books, and toys to unsuspecting thrift stores, libraries and consignment shops everywhere. I never got the nesting urge while I was pregnant, but man, has it hit me now.


Inviting friends for dinner each Sunday evening. You’ll hear more about this fast-favorite tradition soon.

Transferring the stuff of life into my new planner. I splurged on The Simplified Planner this year, dear readers, and I can’t wait to dive into it on August 1.

Dreaming about some kind of fall getaway. We’ve got a wedding in New Jersey in October and I’m tempted to keep driving somewhere after we leave.


Thinking about how much more I accomplish when I have a deadline. I have a couple of not-super-important things I want to do, but haven’t done yet, and they’re not getting done because a) I need to break them down into smaller chunks, and b) there’s no real rush to finish them.

Finishing Parks and Rec. I’ve tried watching it straight through a couple of times, but something about this go-round stuck, and my husband and I are almost done. We’ve got Master of None, season 2 on the list to go next, and by the time this post goes up, the new season of Orange is the New Black will be live! It takes place over 72 hours which is super-intriguing to me.

Planning a couple of adventures for the summer months that will make Gooplet’s and my days a little more exciting than usual. If you want it to be spring break, you have to make it spring break. The same is true for summer.

Eleven Things


On the 11th.

  1. Is anyone you follow on Instagram doing the 100 Day Project? I love the idea, and I thought so hard about what I could do, but I came up short. I couldn’t think of something I was super excited about enough to spam my Instagram followers. My favorite projects this year are Elise’s (duh), and Four Dots’.
  2. Another reason I decided against the 100 Day Project this year is that it overlaps with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, which is my favorite thing ever. I’ll be going Insta-crazy in about two weeks, so that seems like enough. I love the way this project makes me take more pictures, and notice things I don’t always notice. I have never made an album of my pictures, ‘gramming them is plenty for me.
  3. I found the perfect pair of sunglasses! Bought them without a second thought and received two compliments on them as soon as they were on!
  4. Big Little Lies! I read it two summers ago, and haven’t watched the HBO series yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews – some friends loved it, others not so much. I loved the book and I love Reese, so I definitely want to watch.
  5. There are so many home improvements I want to make right now, and I’m trying to deal with the overwhelming feeling of wanting/needing to do a million things at once. I’ve been long putting off a trip to IKEA because who wants to go and haul heavy things alone with a baby, who himself is another heavy thing? Not I!
  6. It’s almost Easter! My family has absolutely zero Easter traditions. I have never successfully cooked a ham, and they’re supposed to be so easy. Once we outgrew egg hunts and Easter baskets, that was that. So will you share your traditions with me? What little surprises could I add to make the day (weekend?) special? This bread looks amazing, but it will be an Easter miracle if I can pull it off.
  7. Okay, time to talk about S Town. Have you listened yet? Coming straight off of Missing Richard Simmons and diving into S Town meant I was in the mindset to guess at a couple of the “twists,” but I was hooked nonetheless. But the same question I had about Richard Simmons remains – when is a story not yours to tell? I also loved listening to Megan and Laura’s special episode of Sorta Awesome, where they break it down episode by episode.
  8. I’m trying to spend at least a half hour outdoors each day. What’s the point of ditching my day job for this whole mom-gig if I’m still trapped inside?
  9. Don’t laugh, okay, dear readers? I’ve been spending so much time on social media feeds that have to do with cleaning, decluttering, simplifying, you name it. A couple of weekends ago I went spring cleaning crazy and I’m trying so hard to keep up with that momentum. I don’t have hours and hours at a time to clean the house from top to bottom, so it’s all happening in little chunks. One bag at a time heading out the door to go to ThredUp, Goodwill, or the thrift store.
  10. And while we’re on the subject of home stuff, let’s talk about art on the walls. I’m so drawn to art with words on it, but I want to hang art with just art on it. I have such a hard time finding pieces I love, though. Do you have anything hanging that you love?
  11. I joined Costco yesterday night. It was pretty momentous. The (Not So) New Girl has been egging me on for years!

Food Blogs are my Favorite

This is getting ridiculous. Every other day, I’ve got a new list here.

But I love lists, and there’s just so much to tell you all. Lists are efficient.

The food blogs I read are on fire right now. Here’s what I want to make:

First of all, adding NYT Cooking to my Facebook feed was one of the better decisions I’ve made recently. This is butter steamed broccoli with peppery bread crumbs.

Does anyone else remember when Tracy posted about making your own almond milk? I read the post, and was like, ummm, that sounds good, but complicated. I don’t know if it’s the passing of time, my current Whole 30 endeavor, or the promise of Nutella milk, but Lindsay’s nut milks sound amazing, and doable. Nut milk is a funny term.

I feel similarly about Brown Eyed Baker’s Momofuku Birthday Cake. Always wanted to make it. Her post makes me think I could. It’s also super-helpful to hear from a fellow frosting-lover that she wasn’t bummed about the lost frosting from the naked circumference of the cake.

Food can be powerful. Food can heal.

For my fellow mayo-based-salad-haters, here is asparagus potato salad with hot bacon dressing.

Jessica calls this a pineapple ginger smoothie, but if you play up the coconut in the recipe, it’s definitely a pina colada smoothie, and where do I sign up?

Summer dessert alert!

Anytime dessert alert!

Banana cake is my favorite. Because it’s cake, so that’s awesome, but it doesn’t feel quite so decadent. Like you got away with eating a piece of cake sans some of the guilt? Of course, the only thing better than banana cake is chocolate banana cake.

Remember Everyday Food? Sigh. Me too. Let’s reminisce together over some banana blueberry muffins.

You had me at Rich Man’s Hot Pockets.

The following two uses for breakfast cereal are blowing my mind: cereal parfaits (duh, why didn’t I think of this?), and milk and cereal breakfast popsicles (I’m envisioning something with chocolate milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

The List of Awesome

Dear readers, March 27 has arrived. It’s List of Awesome time! Below are 50 of the most awesome things I know. And below all those are links to a lot of old lists. This is always one of my favorite posts to put together.


  1. Snapping a picture of your child that is adorable, and not blurry in the slightest
  2. Lemons
  3. Unseasonably warm days
  4. Podcasts, and finding new ones
  5. Getting snail mail
  6. The smell of something baking
  7. Crossing an item off a list
  8. Christmas cards
  9. Washi tape
  10. Blue and white, in just about any form
  11. Fun shapes of pasta
  12. Lazy weekend breakfasts
  13. Cheap pizza
  14. That minute you close a book and breathe deep to soak it in just a minute more
  15. When the movie lives up to the book
  16. Movie theater popcorn
  17. The Harry Potter audiobooks
  18. Endorphins
  19. A good sing-a-long in the car (alone, and at the top of your lungs)
  20. Show tunes
  21. Rest
  22. That feeling after you clean something out
  23. Birthdays
  24. Creating new rituals
  25. Hearing the right song at exactly the right time
  26. Trying a new recipe that turns out just how you want
  27. Realizing hours have passed and you didn’t feel the urge to check your phone
  28. Hanging pictures on the wall
  29. Cute notepads
  30. Hamilton
  31. People you’ve known forever
  32. Spur of the moment invitations that come at just the right time
  33. Screened in porches
  34. Happy hours on screened in porches
  35. Finding a new iced coffee you love
  36. Farmers markets
  37. Libraries
  38. Finding your tribe
  39. Sunday dinners
  40. Five minutes of peace to flip through the Serena and Lily catalog.
  41. Inbox 0
  42. Spring cleaning
  43. A good BLT
  44. Jeans that fit
  45. Paper Source
  46. The advent of baseball season
  47. A friend who does something for you out of the blue
  48. Taking a walk in the sun to get a milkshake
  49. Doing something you didn’t think you could
  50. Sidewalk chalk


The Internet is My Favorite

part deux!


(This is pretty much my mom uniform, and yet, I never appear as pulled-together as her. I’m certain it has nothing to do with our age-gap.)

The other night, my husband was doing the dishes, I was sitting on the couch, and when he turned to ask me a question, I couldn’t answer. I had tears streaming down my face as I read this. “Parenting is easier if you have an abundance of four things: (1) energy, (2) creativity, (3) selflessness and (4) affection. If you give your kids everything you have inside of you, they will eventually give it back.” Brb, I’m dead.

I probably need this for the shower.

I’ve followed Design Mom on and off for years, and recently, Gabby had two posts that I came back to a couple times (and absolutely think are related, as well). Did You Lose Your Identity? and What If Your Partner Wants Fewer Kids Than You? That second one especially, because in it, she mentions the spacing of her kids due to the relative ease of the baby before.

And one more mom-thought. I recently ran into a (full-time-working-) mom-friend with older kids. Are you reading? Hiiiiii. She mentioned that staying home when your kids are little is for you, but that as they grow up, it becomes so much more about being there for them. I get it. I do. And this piece about it getting harder as they grow up? Felt in the same vein.

Jenny says this book is “Sleepless in Seattle meets the Food Network.” In.

So many beautiful tributes to Amy Krouse Rosenthal lately, who wrote equally well for children and adults. A rare gift, indeed: Shutterbean, Cathy Zielske, DALS. And since it seems we’re all sharing our favorite parts of Encyclopedia of an Ordinary Life, mine is (paraphrasing, because it’s not in front of me) when Amy writes about cars rushing to pull to the side of the road as an ambulance hurries by. It’s like we’re all cheering for it to get where it needs to go. I read the book in 2006, and I still vividly remember thinking, YES.  Yes, that’s what we’re all doing!

When Deb posts brownies, you make the brownies.

Perhaps all my post-birthday reflection has me super nostalgic, but I would love to have one of these made for Gooplet. And while we’re at it, one of these for me and my husband.

I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention Missing Richard Simmons. I was hooked on the podcast, and yet, I’m not sure if that whole search was particularly ethical. Or worth caring about? The premise of S-Town sounds pretty good.


Slices of Internet

she's my everything.
(She’s my fall goals. She’s from Tuckernuck.)

  1. Food 52’s cooking club tips weren’t what I expected them to be.  Love this idea. (via Joy the Baker)
  2. I’m simultaneously cracking up, and adding a couple of these books to my Amazon cart.
  3. Happiness.  Schools.  Yes, yes, and yes to this.
  4. Shutterbean led me to Motherwell, and I’m down a rabbit hole of articles.  So fascinating.  So real.
  5. And speaking of Shutterbean, she’s doing some good television watching.
  6. Just added kettle chips to my grocery list so I can make cacio e pepe potato chips.  Simple and brilliant.
  7. These are my fave (SJP forever, duh)
  8. John and Sherry just mentioned this book on the Young House Love podcast.  I had passed it by before, but now I’m intrigued.  The author basically had a panic attack live on The Today Show, and took a series of small steps to chill out.  And then wrote a book about it.
  9. Two words: Dannon Sprinkl’ins #memories
  10. Just skip right down to the part with grilled cheese crumbs.
  11. Putting this on next week’s meal plan, just to make sure I’m leaving no noodle unturned.  Or something.

Eight Things

On the eighth:

Habit Tracker Loving the neon staedtler pen habit tracker!:

untitled (27 of 36)

TV tracker.:

  1. Everyone keeps talking about bullet journals, and it’s totally something I’d get into, but I’m just…not?  I love pretty notebooks and list-making (hello, this post), but I don’t know.  Maybe it’s that I don’t see the advantage over just using a regular planner.  Someone enlighten me?  And how do you know how many pages to leave for each list?
  2. I am not going to say I want Meg’s life.  I watch Meg from afar on the internet, and I have no idea what difficult things she is working through.  But I do know her house is stunning, and I adore the way she writes about life with her 5 children.  This post about how they all do their own laundry in particular.  I know that’s random.  But I love it. (I also love doing the laundry, so maybe I’ll still do that, but teach my kids to do the dishes and vacuum.)
  3. I loved Elise’s podcast on the 100 Day Project.  Loved it so much it got me thinking about what I could do for 100 days.  I don’t know.  Yet.  But I hope I keep mulling it over.
  4. Speaking of lists and doing all the things, I wrote a 101 in 1001 list.  And then had a Gooplet, and LOL, that’s not all getting done.  But a lot of the list items don’t even matter to me anymore.  I’d love to redo it and restart.  Meet Oprah will obviously remain on the list.
  5. Alison Krauss Pandora is pretty much getting me through anything stressful right now.
  6. It’s so stressful when you get a bunch of holds in at the library at once and you know you can’t read everything as fast as it’s coming at you.  (The History of Great Things, Shop Class as Soulcraft, What Alice Forgot, Love that Boy, Do No Harm, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage)  I still haven’t even touched the new Harry Potter.  Who even am I?
  7. I need to ruthlessly weed through my closet.  I always need to ruthlessly go through my closet.  Why do I have so many clothes?  Why do I keep buying more?
  8. Washi tape is still awesome.  Ali got me two new gold rolls from Target, and I picked a flamingo roll up at Paper Source.  I love anything that dresses up snail mail.
  9. Wait, I’m adding a bonus ninth thing.  Tsh wrote how all she needs to get the school year off to a good start is adequate sleep and a good diet.  My first reaction was yes!  And then, hah!  That’s so much easier said than done.  But it really shouldn’t be.  And I should figure out why it sounds so impossible, and how I can make it as easy as it should be.  Goals!

(bullet journal; Meg’s porch; tv bullet journal)