My Newest Obsession

I am currently obsessed with Katie Couric.

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Correct, that Katie Couric.

About 8,000 years to late, I’m jumping on Team Katie.

I was never a regular Today Show-watcher, so this obsession began casually in the fall when someone pointed me toward her podcast interview with Ina Garten, aka, The Barefoot Contessa, aka, my queen. I would listen to anyone’s podcast with The Barefoot Contessa, but I highly doubt I’d learn anything new, as Ina tends to do few interviews, and tell the same stories in each. Not so when she spoke to Katie. Not so at all. I learned some new tidbits and trivia, and most importantly, I heard Ina drop a couple of expletives. Did not see that coming at all.


So I downloaded some more episodes, and have since listened to Katie’s interviews with Martha Stewart, Marie Kondo, Dan Taberski (creator of the Missing Richard Simmons podcast), and most recently, Rabbi Steve Leder.* I also enjoyed her interview on The Turnaround (which yes, is an interview podcast, about interviewers). Dear readers, she’s brilliant, and not afraid to be honest, or ask tough questions. Though you are probably more familiar with The Today Show, and you likely know what I did not.

In conversations where I’ve brought her up, which is to say, in every conversation I’ve had in the last couple weeks, I’ve found out so much about her, and have decided she’s another version of myself. Or, a version of myself I could have been if my life had taken a couple different turns.

She’s working on an auto-biography, but in the meantime, I’ll be working on past podcast episodes, and maybe this volume.

*This particular episode, is hosted by Katie’s regular cohost, Brian Goldsmith, sans Katie.


On Jennie Shows, and Listening to Dirty John

Growing up, Sous Chef Lauren and I watched vastly different TV shows and movies. Her dad was super-into movies, and she was watching Alien back when I couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Doubtfire. Fast forward through high school, and Sous Chef Lauren was my go-to whenever I wanted to watch a show. “Is this a Jennie show?” I’d ask. And invariably, she would know whether or not I’d enjoy something.

For the record, Jennie shows = fluffy, light, warm-fuzzy dramas and/or comedies.

Which means it is truly out of left field that I have been completely and totally hooked on all these True-Crime-y podcasts that are coming out now. If you asked Sous Chef Lauren whether these episodes are “Jennie shows” she would give you a definitive no. And I’d agree with her! They’re not! But I’m hopelessly hooked anyway.


I did “Serial” the year it came out during a fit of Thanksgiving-prep. Then “S-Town” came out and I was dragging Gooplet out for hour-long walks in the stroller so I could binge on all the episodes. And now it’s “Dirty John.” Have you listened? I heard about it from Laura Tremaine, one of the cohosts of my beloved “Sorta Awesome” podcast.

(For the record, “Sorta Awesome”? Totally a fun, light-hearted, Jennie show.)

I won’t even go into the premise because I like going into these things without too much advanced knowledge of what’s coming, but oh am I ever hooked on this dark and creepy story. I don’t find the podcast quite as tight, production-wise*, as Serial or S-Town, but there’s no way I’d stop listening. I need to know how it ends. I’ve got 3 more episodes to go, and if Gooplet wakes up anytime soon, we’re taking it to the streets so I can finish!

*It should be noted that while finding the image above, I skimmed and scanned the Vulture article to find out they like the written narrative from the LA Times way better than the podcast. So perhaps I’ll try that next. But I don’t want to interrupt the story in which I am already deeply entrenched, so I am definitely finishing the podcast first.

On Podcasts

A quick search on this blog tells me I have never dedicated an entire post to podcasts. That seems impossible. (I did write one for my sorority’s blog; find it here.) I am a huge podcast listener. So here we are, at A Glass of Milk’s inaugural podcast post. I have two suggestions for you, dear readers, and a whole lotta podcasts I love. Ready?

(In my head this image is totally the kind of place where someone would sit down to record an episode, no?0

Suggestion 1: Don’t Listen to the First Episode

If you’re starting a podcast that’s been going on for years, don’t start with the first episode (unless they’re meant to be listened to in order). Sounds crazy, but much like TV shows, podcasts can sometimes take a couple episodes to find their groove. What you hear in the first episode may not be indicative of where the podcast is now. Pick and choose a couple of episodes to download, and if you like the gist of those, by all means, go forth and listen in whatever order you deem logical.

Suggestion 2: Don’t (Only) Listen to the Episodes that Sound Good

Here is something I heard on a podcast that I should have known all along: you’ll get more out of listening to episodes you might not think to try at first. For example: in listening to The Slow Home Podcast (see below) I am going to gravitate toward anything about decluttering and/or time management, but in many cases, I’ll be getting new tidbits of information mixed in with principles I already know and understand. But if I try out new episodes, I could be opening my eyes (ears?) to something completely new and exciting.

Longtime Faves:

Podcasts I’m Trying: