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The Kitchn posted a guide to picking out new dishes.  This may seems like the most trivial of pursuits, but I adore dishes, and have far, far, far too many.  I agree with most everything they recommend, but I stand by my fine china.  It’s too fun to break it out, especially when no one expects it.

The most beautiful vases I’ve ever seen.

There are some bloggers whose lives don’t intersect with mine in many ways, but whose posts just make me happy.  This is one of those posts.

One of my dreams is to pack my bags and live in Europe for a year or two.  New York Mag is running a series called Paris in 30 Days, which gives all of us an inside look at Parisian culture.  I loved their comparison between The Big Apple and The City of Light.  It should come as no surprise, as this is one of my favorite little books.  (And for even more Paris inspiration, you do read Paris in Four Months, right?)

You can put almost anything on a pizza, and still people come up with combinations I don’t know that I’d have thought of on my own.

This story about sharing a love of reading is everything I love about books.

What I’m Reading

Moving these posts to Wednesdays because everyone needs a mid-week pick-me-up.

suburban station.

I am nerding out excited over this movie trailer.  Can’t wait to see it.

10 things you didn’t know about The Barefoot Contessa (and not just that she used to work in the White House because we all know that).  She and I have #10 in common.  I’m pretty sure #3 is another reason I’m such a big fan.

Mindy Kaling’s interview of Billy Crystal is so charming.  I devoured it, and wanted to watch When Harry Met Sally for the billionth time.  And the season finale of Mindy Project.  Which is more likely to happen soon.

Joanna posted about a couple who created a restaurant registry for their wedding.  When I read the title of the post, I got on my high horse (her name is Emily Post) and rolled my eyes.  And then I read on, and kind of loved the idea.  It seems the couple didn’t just register in New York, but all over the country.  In their first year of marriage, they used all the gift cards, and sent thank yous to the gift-givers after they used them.  A little different, but a good idea, no?

If the internet had been a thing when we were in elementary school, Sous Chef Lauren would have been all over the Unicorn Name Generator.




What I’m Reading

dc trees.

Elise linked to this list of 25 Things that People with Type A Personalities Do, and it’s so very true, right down to walking fast.

You know by now that I am an avid fan of The Joy the Baker Podcast and The Art of Simple Podcast.  But now I’m into Jess Lively’s The Lively Show as well.  I load my iPod up with podcasts and then start strolling through the neighborhood after dinner.  Well, more accurately, power-walking through the neighborhood after dinner.  See above.

Any writing the ends with, “life is too short to feel bad about white pasta,” is the best kind of writing.

What I’m Reading

pink in dc

10 Female Shoes and What They Are Trying to Say Each one is funnier than the next.

Maybe I’m the last to find out, but you can live at an American bookstore in Paris.  Holy amazing!

This wooden recipe box has been on my list of Etsy faves for ever, and now I’m loving these postcards from the same store.  You know how I feel about sending snail mail.

Sherry at Young House Love wrote a post about why they’re going to chill a little on their blog.  Because their blog has grown incredibly, and maybe it doesn’t need to continue to do so.  Maybe they have enough.  She put so much thought into the why of it all, and I’m grateful she shared.

Stacy London, of What Not to Wear fame, wrote a beautiful piece on how the fame game has changed in the last ten years.  It’s not necessarily anything we didn’t know, but it is flawlessly articulated.

What I’m Reading

running shoes

I am loving Laura Marie’s blog right now, especially her Today I Believe lists.

Presented to me, without comment, from my husband.  Voodoo Dolls Prove It: Hunger Makes Couples Turn on Each Other.

The Kitchn posted 20 Organized Kitchens from Real Cooks and I died over each one.  Open cookbook shelving is so essential, isn’t it?

If you just give me a minute to make a bunch of fruit purees I will have you over for brunch and a bellini bar.

Talent is not always something you find in abundance at a school talent show.  These boys got something right.

Does anyone else sign on to watch a movie on Netflix, only to scroll forever, and not find anything you really want to watch?  Meredith compiled a list of titles worth watching, and I’m officially on board with all her picks.

A Beautiful Mess always has great DIY home ideas, and I have a particular affinity for this rag rug and the hand painted constellation wall paper.  Elsie also wrote beautifully about her space to learn here.

What I’m Reading

antipasta lunch

Warmer weather is finally in our sights, and the open-toed shoes I keep reaching for each morning are reminding me that my feet are in desperate need of some attention.  I love Lauren Conrad’s list of mani/pedi pairings.

How Clutter Affects Productivity.  Ugh, I have so much clutter.  And this article is enabling that.

Chanel No. 5 perfume costs $38/ounce, while Hewlett Packard printer ink will set you back up to $75 for that same small amount.  This is the story of how a teenager figured out that switching the font to Garamond on printed papers can save organizations thousands of dollars.  I love smart people.  At least a couple of designers, however, say it isn’t going to work.  Haters gonna hate.

I read about the 10/10/10 Rule in the January issue of Real Simple, and while I haven’t tried it yet, I think it’s promising.  I’ll keep you posted.

Tracy made vanilla almond milk and I’m temped to give it a go.  I’ve had two recent kitchen fails though, which always shake up my confidence.

And for fun, Can You Tell These YA Books Apart?

What I’m Reading – New England Edition

My husband and I are planning to sneak away to New England in the summer.  He’s never been north of New York, and I have yet to visit Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  We’re going on a road trip along the coast because I’m naive and think it will be cute and bond-y.  This will likely prove to be untrue less than half the way to wherever we go first, but I’m sticking to my guns.  We will drive through America and we will enjoy it!  (And we will need some serious playlists and podcasts to get us through.)

Where should we go, dear readers?  What should we see and do?  And what should we listen to so we don’t kill each other?


I’ve been doing some research and this is what I’ve found:

First, and most importantly, I now have the perfect excuse to buy the (North) American edition of 36 Hours, which I’ve been ogling at Anthropologie more and more with each visit.

And the NY Mag travel guides are a nice complement to that tome.  I’ve been scouring the guides to Kennebunkport, Camden, Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport.

Muffy is certainly an expert on all things New England, and I like her list of shopping destinations.  Hoping to cross a couple of those off our list.  I’m also brushing up on my working knowledge of The Preppy Handbook.

And finally, BuzzFeed.  While I usually spend my time on BuzzFeed figuring out which emoji I am (the winky/kissy face), and which Mean Girls character best represents me (the girl who looks like Danny DeVito, what?), this list of New England towns I need to see is proving super helpful as I work to fill in some stops on our journey.

What I’m Reading

It’s time for another food edition of What I’m Reading.

(this is a fresh batch of croutons)

Love Jenny’s time-lapse dinner story here.

This cheesy chick flick popcorn will happen soon, and its cousin, the dusty cheddar potato croquette might be the perfect complement.

I always manage to bookmark the more indulgent recipes on healthy blogs. Hello, cauliflower and brown rice gratin from Sprouted Kitchen.

I have a container of ricotta I need to use up, which likely means sausage and kale stuffed shells are going on the menu this weekend.

That said, my weekend eating is often at weird times, and involves many snacks.  So I’m bookmarking this chocolate banana smoothie as another option.  If I want to take a photo of it, I’ll leave the greens out.  If I need something filling, in they’ll go.

Oh’s would make a great place to start as far as cereal milk ice cream is concerned.

What I’m Reading


Listen, I totally understand if at some point in the last 17 seasons, you stopped watching DWTS.  Because, really, it’s the same thing.  Until this season.  Erin Andrews.  DJ Tanner.  And Meryl and Charlie.  More Meryl and Charlie!  But not together!  Sparkly paddles, a new band, and Maks.  Tune in on Monday nights, dear readers.  And then get on Annie Barrett’s recaps each week.

If you’re looking for an alternative to basketball in the coming weeks may I offer you both Drew Magary and The Fug Girls?

A modern love story.

You guys, Jess has done it again with her Boozy Lucky Charms Cereal Milkshakes.  CV(D), are you coming to spring break again?  Because I can’t think of a better follow up to the original Boozy Milkshakes.

It’s no secret I’m a sucker for anything etiquette-related, but this short New Yorker piece on sign-offs was perfect.  I have a set of sign-offs I use for professional emails, another for personal emails, and a whole host of options I break out when putting pen to paper.  I’ll send just about anyone a classic “xoxo,” but save “All my love,” for the most special occasions or people.  Do you have these hierarchies, dear readers?  Or are you not an over-thinker?