Wins of the Month – May, 2017

Oh man, does it ever feel like I’m coming off a month where the biggest win is that we survived. Looking forward to a laid-back summer.


  • mailed birthday cards
  • ordered a ton of new art for the walls
  • moved some furniture to change the layout of our first floor
  • painted the screened porch ceiling blue
  • got an estimate for finishing the basement
  • cleared more clutter out of the house
  • spent tons of time outdoors
  • got a pedicure and my hair done
  • found a new brewery we love

Wins of the Month, March 2017

March came in like a lion, and I’m pretty sure it went out like one too. Spring is here, Gooplet is one, insert comment about how quickly time passes here.


  • Gooplet turned 1!
  • Made him a birthday cake.
  • We went to the zoo!
  • Started a new Sunday dinner tradition.
  • Started “Salad Fridays” (on a Tuesday), and I really hope you’re going to hear more about it here soon.
  • Took a road trip home to PA to visit my fam.
  • Sent some cards to people to mark any number of life events (mostly on time-ish).
  • Started Whole 30, and have kept on track for the most part.
  • Finally got the wheels going in terms of getting new windows (in the old part of the house).
  • Read. Every day.
  • Had two unscheduled weekends – filled with nothing but fun visits with friends and family.
  • Managed to not only enjoy brunch with Cari Faye, but get next month’s date on the calendar.

Wins of the Month – December, 2016


December Wins:

  • Hung pictures on the wall.
  • Got out of the house to see a play.  And get my toes done.  And my hair.
  • Hosted overnight guests two weekends in a row.
  • Switched a lot of boring life items (toothbrushes, toilet paper, detergent, etc.) over to Amazon’s subscribe and save program.
  • Started some holiday traditions, and kept old ones going.
  • Bought and ate a metric ton of champagne gummi bears.
  • Read a book in three days.

November Wins//October Wins//September Wins

Wins of the Month – November, 2016

Why yes, we are almost finished with December, but there is absolutely no way I am skipping celebrating November’s wins.


November wins:

  • Hosting a soiree at Casa Glass of Milk in honor of AGOMYR.  Love her.
  • Organizing a group effort for a homeless dinner, and celebrating said dinner with a pizza party of our own.
  • Giving a new family a couple of freezer meals.
  • Remembering to drink water before coffee.
  • Making it to a cocktail party!
  • Bringing Gooplet to his first basketball game.
  • Cooking Thanksgiving dinner with a baby underfoot.

October Wins//September Wins

Wins of the Month – October, 2016

  • Finished a house project I’d been wanting to for over a year (see above)
  • Ordered a ton of new photos for Gooplet’s scrapbook, and a couple prints for our walls
  • Let go of some (physical) stuff
  • Went back to barre – for real this time
  • Took Gooplet trick or treating!
  • Unfollowed over 50 Instagram accounts, because #simplify
  • Got into some cleaning routines (this is totally major for me)

September wins






Wins of the Month – September, 2016

After listening to Elise’s recent podcast about how she uses her Get to Work Book, I am on board to celebrate each month’s wins.  Her planner leaves a space for this*, and she explains why in her podcast:

“Sometimes our months pass in such a blur that we forget to celebrate these important wins.  It often feels like there is so much left on my plate, that I don’t even think about it; I don’t even think about what’s been done.”


Yes, this.


September wins:

  • Broke out my duck boots for the first time
  • Got plans in motion to host people at La Moneda for the first time in months
  • Ordered paper invitations for said event (Paperless Post forever)
  • Sent care packages to a handful of people I adore
  • Switched out my closet and Gooplet’s closet for cooler weather, and sent another huge bag off to ThredUp
  • Deep cleaned a bunch of things that were long overdue
  • Read 8 books!

*Elise also leaves a space for things you need to let go of at the end of every month, but that’s another post entirely.