Poke! [jello poke cake]

Have you ever seen the video, “Facebook in Real Life“?  I love it, as it points out everything I don’t like about Facebook.  Which is that it lets you interact with people in ways you never would in real life.  Please note that I did not say I do not like Facebook.  I’m addicted to it.  I love to hate it.

On a somewhat related note,

poke cake.

It’s what I made with the Jell-O and the Cool Whip.  It’s nothing like what I typically make, and I can’t say I’ll make it again, but it was so different and so new to me, that I have to tell you about it.  Making Jell-O poke cake made me feel like one of my favorite 60’s housewives, Betty Draper (who my husband argues is the worst TV mother of all time).  I wanted to tie my hair up in a chignon, get out my apron and pearls and serve this to the kids after dinner.  I have an apron.  I have pearls.  But I have never perfected the chignon, nor do I have children.  So that was out.

This cake came about at dinner one night on vacation.  A friend pointed out that he didn’t really care for cake, except for one.  “That cake with the jello in it.”  He proceeded to explain that to make it, you poked holes in a regular cake and added jello.  Thank goodness for smartphones.

A quick search for “jello cake,” and this classic cake was at my fingertips.

I have no fondness for Jell-O, and boxed cake mixes have been tasting too sweet to me lately, but I had to give it a try.

It was weird.

I didn’t love it.

But I also sorta wanted to find the nearest potluck and place this on the picnic table.

5 thoughts on “Poke! [jello poke cake]

  1. I once had a similar cake but instead of jello it was poked with creme the menthe, it was during college years and it was potent. On the other hand I think I need to watch an episode of Mad Man (that’s where the character is from right?)

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