About Me

Hi, I’m J.Lo.  The one behind the camera.  Or the laptop.  Or the one in front of the stove.  Never in front of the sink (my husband takes care of that, thanks honey!). Here I am in front of the 6.

And here’s the real J.Lo, On the 6.  You see the resemblance, right?


I’ve never been able to keep my nose out of the kitchen.

The whole cupcake thing started early.  I used to help Wooden Nickels ice my birthday cupcakes with food-colored-frosting.  I also decorated sugar cookies for Christmas with Grandma Glass of Milk every year.

*this is a Georgetown Cupcake salted caramel, one of my all-time favorite cupcakes.

In elementary school, I diligently learned the art of making Ramen noodles, and Kraft Macaroni and Cheese, all while making sure I got my fill of Wooden Nickels’ macaroni and cheese as well.

And when I was 12, I started taking matters into my own hands.  I made smoothies for breakfast, and scads of recipes from the backs of boxes everywhere. The smoothie thing never really stopped, actually.

And somewhere along the way, cooking became one of my favorite things to do.  Now, you get to come along for the ride, and witness the ups and downs that come fresh out of my DC kitchen.

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