On My Forthcoming Book, and Our Beach Vacation

When I gave birth to a child, I knew I wouldn’t sleep. Everyone tells you you’re not going to sleep. We didn’t sleep. But then, despite our best efforts, we kept not sleeping. I didn’t know about that. I’ve can safely tell you I’ve read every word about babies and sleep the internet has ever written, and many words published in actual books, too. And sometimes what the people tell you to do is all nice and good, but your kid is like, nah, I’ll sleep when I want, thanks though. Dear readers, when he wanted to sleep was on vacation. The most wonderful vacation in the history to time, ever.*

And whilst on the most wonderful vacation in the history of time, ever, I developed an idea for a book on toddler sleep. Are you ready for my method?


Once your toddler is awake and fed for the morning, take him to the beach and let him run around until he gets beach-tired. This is a beautiful type of exhaustion, that, as long as he’s been plied with water and snacks, means he isn’t cranky, he just has nothing left to give anymore.


Bring him home, give him lunch, put him down for a nap.


When he’s awake, give him some time to get reacquainted with the land of the living. Then begin the sunscreen process and repeat that whole morning song-and-dance.


When he turns to you and waves, “bye-bye,” it means he is beach-tired again, and you must zip him back to watch a show, eat dinner, take a bath, and go to sleep again.


He should not make a peep until the sun comes up the next morning.


Not enough for a book I guess, huh? Well dear readers, all I can tell you is that this is the schedule we stuck to almost every day of our time at the beach this summer, and it was beautiful. Please light and candle and pray to the vacation gods that they continue to bless us long into the future.

*At least, in the last 17 months.



Enjoying a slower schedule – for about 6 months I kept thinking, things will slow down next month, and that kept not happening. Now it’s happening and I’m loving it.

Reading only the lightest and fluffiest material now that summer is here. The one upside to my husband bringing home buckets of work every night is that it leaves me plenty of time with my books.

Donating more clothes, books, and toys to unsuspecting thrift stores, libraries and consignment shops everywhere. I never got the nesting urge while I was pregnant, but man, has it hit me now.


Inviting friends for dinner each Sunday evening. You’ll hear more about this fast-favorite tradition soon.

Transferring the stuff of life into my new planner. I splurged on The Simplified Planner this year, dear readers, and I can’t wait to dive into it on August 1.

Dreaming about some kind of fall getaway. We’ve got a wedding in New Jersey in October and I’m tempted to keep driving somewhere after we leave.


Thinking about how much more I accomplish when I have a deadline. I have a couple of not-super-important things I want to do, but haven’t done yet, and they’re not getting done because a) I need to break them down into smaller chunks, and b) there’s no real rush to finish them.

Finishing Parks and Rec. I’ve tried watching it straight through a couple of times, but something about this go-round stuck, and my husband and I are almost done. We’ve got Master of None, season 2 on the list to go next, and by the time this post goes up, the new season of Orange is the New Black will be live! It takes place over 72 hours which is super-intriguing to me.

Planning a couple of adventures for the summer months that will make Gooplet’s and my days a little more exciting than usual. If you want it to be spring break, you have to make it spring break. The same is true for summer.

Wins of the Month – May, 2017

Oh man, does it ever feel like I’m coming off a month where the biggest win is that we survived. Looking forward to a laid-back summer.


  • mailed birthday cards
  • ordered a ton of new art for the walls
  • moved some furniture to change the layout of our first floor
  • painted the screened porch ceiling blue
  • got an estimate for finishing the basement
  • cleared more clutter out of the house
  • spent tons of time outdoors
  • got a pedicure and my hair done
  • found a new brewery we love

Meal Planning – For a Week

Welcome back to my series on meal planning, dear readers. No need to have been following along from the beginning, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least point you toward my original meal planning post, if you’re so inclined.

I’m going to say something completely crazy. There is no right way to meal plan. There is no one way to meal plan. If there was, we wouldn’t all feel the need to write zillions of blog posts and make oodles of cute printables about it. But rather than give you a bunch of vague guidelines and tell you to adapt them, I want to get specific in terms of some different approaches to planning ahead.  First up, me! I plan a week at a time.

I have a pretty set weekly schedule. Gooplet and I do more or less the same activities on the same days. And I have a similar evening schedule from week to week as well. I used to make one weekend stop at the grocery store to cover us for 7 whole days, but now that there are 3 of us eating, instead of just 2, I’m there all the time. I’m not in a groove yet, and I doubt I will be as the little one keeps growing and eating more.

Let me walk you through this week, a totally crazy one in terms of life-happenings. Stay tuned for more weeks’ plans, and a closer look at how I figure out what to fill in each dinner slot.


Most Mondays, I’m home for dinner, but I’m not home right beforehand to prep it. I was going to ask my husband to grill some pork (pre-marinated) from Trader Joes, but we scrapped that idea when we realized how late he’d have to grill because of his own schedule, so he ate leftovers from a slow cooker meal last week, and I grazed on whatever I could find before heading out the door again.

This Tuesday I’m gone before dinner even happens, so my husband is left to fend for himself again. He’ll likely have more leftovers. All this eating what’s already there is working in my favor, as I hope to wipe down our fridge this week – it needs it! But I am nervous that after today we won’t have much of anything left.

Wednesday I’m gone before dinner, but will be home to eat it. During naptime, I’ll prep Parmesan Ranch Chicken, and stick it in the fridge for my husband to bake later. He’ll probably cook rice to go with it, and we’ll steam some broccoli.

The fate of my Thursday evening is still up in the air. I know I have a couple of possible plans, but haven’t quite worked out the kinks to know my schedule. This is a perfect slow cooker day. I’ll make cassoulet, but probably sub out the pork ribs and add carrots instead.

By Friday, we’re almost always exhausted from the rest of the week, and we’ve got a kids’ baseball game to go to right around dinner time. This means one of us will put Gooplet to bed, and another will stick something from the Trader Joe’s freezer section in the oven. Potstickers are sounding good. I could do a whole post on what Trader Joe’s frozen foods that are always on hand in this house.

Saturday feels so far away right now! I’m pulled in 3 directions this week and will likely be out from 9-6 that day. I need something that will be ready when I walk in the door. Another slow cooker day! Looking at this slow cooker chicken barbecue, which is a recipe Cari Faye shared.

Sunday. Ahhhhh, Sunday.  I don’t know. It’s my husband’s job to grill something, and I will gladly purchase whatever meat he wants.

If that seems complicated, it’s because life is complicated and we have a lot going on this week. They secret to this week, though, is that almost everything is make ahead. And the two slow-cooker nights are practically no prep nights. Make meal planning work for you!

Meal Planning – Baby Steps

Welcome back to my series on meal planning, dear readers. No need to have been following along from the beginning, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least point you toward my original meal planning post, if you’re so inclined.

Gretchen Rubin is one of my all-time favorite authors. I read The Happiness Project when it came out, and have loved watching her work evolve into some seriously intense studies on both happiness and habits. She would explain it far better than I, but the two go hand in hand beautifully. May I point you toward her newest book and her podcast? Both are worth your time.


(Not my kitchen! This is from Homearama, and you’ve still got time to go!)

I mention Gretchen Rubin not only because of her general awesomeness, but also because if you’re seriously serious about getting in the habit of meal planning, then you’re looking to form some new habits. Those take time. Just start, but start small. Give yourself some easy victories.

What I’m suggesting is that if you currently plan 0 meals per week, month, or season, you resolve to plan one. Maybe two. And once you’ve got that under your belt, up the ante and plan three. Maybe four.

And whatever your choice is, CELEBRATE (!) when you succeed. Maybe the reward is take out one night because you successful cooked another. Seriously! Do something that feels over the top to celebrate your wins.

Meal Planning – How Many are You Feeding and Do You Need Lunch?

Welcome back to my series on meal planning, dear readers. No need to have been following along from the beginning, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t at least point you toward my original meal planning post, if you’re so inclined.


When I ran this post a while back to ask you all what you wanted to know about meal planning, I was struck by CV(D)’s comment. She has some nights, and they tend to vary by season, where she might be cooking for 2 or for 12, and she’s never really sure until those 10 people either show up, or don’t. So what’s one to do to have enough to feed a crowd, but not so much that you have to throw out leftovers that there was just no possible way for them to get through?

I promise, we’ll get back to addressing this predicament, dear readers, but first, two questions: How many people do you need to feed with your meal plan? And do you require lunch (or leftovers)?

How many people?

There may not be one straight answer to this question, a la CV(D), or your answer may be as simple as, I feed myself every night, thankyouverymuch. Either way, it’s important to consider the number of mouths you need to feed.

We feed 2.5 almost every night, save for Sunday, when we try to invite people over.

However going from feeding 2 to 2.5 every night has made a huge shift in my meal planning. Way bigger than I anticipated. I need to buy so much more at the grocery store than I did before. And Gooplet has his own preferences about food, which I do take into consideration when I plan and shop. (Hello, buying out the berry aisle of the grocery store.)  If you’re feeling like you had a system that was working, but something is off, think about whether you’re feeding more or fewer people than usual. Are your kids all of a sudden inviting friends to stay for dinner every night? Have they left the nest, whether for school or for sports? Did you add a significant other to the picture? These changing dynamics make a huge impact at the table.*

Do you need lunch or leftovers?

One last point to consider before we get into nitty gritty details. What’s your daily life like? Who is home for lunch and who eats at work, at school, or on the go? For us, I make recipes that might feed 4-6 people because we love having leftovers. My husband will take them to work for lunch on busy days, and I cook so much in the evenings, I’m not looking to prep another meal midday. Leftovers work for us. But if you’re a sandwich-packing household, or a lunch-meeting kind of person, dinners that get eaten up entirely might be right for you.

*For the best take I know on how to make family dinner a priority when soccer schedules attack, check out all that Jenny has to say.

Meal Planning – Planning to Plan

Today we’re taking a bit of a step back in order to take a step forward. Hear me out.

It's a light day. I still haven't decided what we're going to have for dinner and I wasn't sure what my top three priorities should be. And then I realized if I could make something beautiful make something useful and make something fun that this day would be a win. But then again wouldn't every day be a win if you could say you had done those three things? #newgoals:

(Day Designer; the planner of my dreams)

I don’t mean to pull the rug out from under your feet, dear readers, but I do need to let you know that a big part of the reason I have a meal planning system that works is because I have a life-planning system that works. It involves a paper planner, a wall calendar, and endless, nagging texts sent to my husband about what is on those. He is allergic to calendars. Breaks out in hives when I try to tie him down to something on a specific date.

Your life-planning system might look like mine, or it might be more digital, or it might not exist at all.

It’s not that you couldn’t be successful at meal planning without a life-planning system, but I’m going to venture a guess that if your life is more complicated than, we are all home for dinner every night, you need to have at least a working understanding of what is going on each day, and how it will interfere with meal planning.

I love peeking into the ordinary details of people’s lives, especially when it comes to seeing how people appear to make it all work. So for the sake of imagining myself as a reader, I’ll share a couple of my planning systems. Please don’t feel like they should be yours. Rather, read them and think about the systems (even the beginnings of systems) you have in place in your own life.


Long Term Planning – We have a desk calendar that hangs on the wall between our foyer and kitchen that I update at the beginning of each month. That’s about how far out I plan things. We don’t have as many “save the date” worthy social events as we used to, so while I can always tell you the next time we’re going to the beach, I don’t need to look more than a few weeks ahead at any given time. I love that it’s right there in plain sight because I know my husband checks it every single day when he walks by. He likes to know what Gooplet and I are up to during the week when he’s a work, and I like being able to get a quick glance at whether we’re headed into a busy week, or one with more down time.


Weekly Planning – Because we’ve got the same flexible weekly routine more often than not, I’ve changed how I plan my weeks. I used to use the Day Designer (from Whitney’s Target line) religiously, filling in to do lists by the day. Now, I make one to do list for the week, with things that need to happen, and I use that to guide our pockets of time in between naps and activities.  Some highlights from this week’s lists include calling to schedule appointments, running to grab the dry cleaning, joining the zoo (!), and making progress with this whole spring cleaning undertaking I’ve, well, undertaken. I like that it shows me what needs to happen, but gives me the flexibility I need to shuffle things around by day.


Daily Planning – This happens whenever I check in with that weekly to do list, which can happen nightly, every morning, or every couple of days. I simply look at what still needs doing and try to figure out how it’s going to fit. On a particularly busy day, I’ll pop back to my Day Designer and fill in a more hourly kind of schedule, but that’s a rare occurrence these days.

Oh, dear readers, this sounds like a lot, and to many of you, it probably seems like a giant chore. But truly, it’s a much more automatic system than it appears when it’s all typed out, and at this point it requires very little thought and effort on my part. And that is what I’d encourage you to play around with. Finding a planning system that takes 0 thought and effort, and maybe 5 minutes of time here to keep up with.