Whole 30 – Final Thoughts

Last post, I promise.  Well, last post until I decide I’m way to sugar-ed and carb-ed up and need another go at Whole 30. But I did it! I’m done! Here are some final thoughts.


(OMG this recipe book from Kate Spade. I haven’t brought it home….yet.)

Was I successful?

According to me? Yes. According to other Whole 30-ers? I did not follow the rules. I ate beans and chickpeas a bunch of times, and I had smoothies with breakfast almost every day. And my coffee had sugar in it. The thing is, I stayed completely off milk and cheese and BUTTER, and pasta, and bread, and a whole bunch of other stuff you’re supposed to. So for me, who is always thoughtful about what she eats, but who doesn’t always show the most restraint, I was hugely successful. I didn’t eat Nutella for a month. That alone is a giant victory. Now excuse me, I’m off to the grocery store.

What were the best recipes?

Without a doubt, I much preferred taking regular recipes that happened to be Whole 30-compliant, or were almost Whole 30-compliant, and adapting them to suit the plan, over recipes designed for Whole 30. Do not come at me with your zoodles. That said, I did check out some cookbooks I thought would help me add variety when it came to dinner, and Against All Grain was the clear winner.

After your 30 days are up, you’re supposed to reintroduce the foods that you miss slowly, and forget the ones you didn’t. So what didn’t I miss?

Pasta! I don’t even know how that’s possible, because pasta has always been my very most favorite food. I know I’ll eat it again soon, but it’s not going to be the first food I bring back. That surprises me immensely. Pasta is also my go-to easy dinner, and its serious carbiness is making me think I need another go-to easy dinner up my sleeve. I will plan pasta nights, but they don’t need to happen every time I can’t (or don’t have the time to) think oF something else to eat.

Cheese! This one surprised me almost as much as not missing pasta. I always add cheese when I make frittatas, so I’d find myself planning flavor combinations and thinking how good they’d be with cheddar, or mozzarella, or, best of all, Parmesan. But the truth is, they were fine and tasty as I made them. Certainly cutting out all noodles reduced my cheese intake by a lot.

Rice – Which is much less of a surprise. Rice is my husband’s grain of choice, but we eat it a lot. Almost any time we’re eating chicken, pork, or beef. If we’ve got enough variety when it comes to veggies, I’ll double those, and I’m happy without it.

Ice cream – I don’t even know how to explain it except to say when you can’t have any dessert at all, your true favorite will emerge, and it might surprise you. (I did miss milkshakes though, which is totally different.) I decided that I won’t keep ice cream in the freezer this summer, but that whenever the mood strikes, I will absolutely get up and walk to one of the multiple local ice cream shops nearby.

Wine in cooking – There were some sunny spring days where a cocktail would have been a nice addition to the 5:00 hour, but it was never that hard to resist. What was much more challenging was finding recipes for entrees that didn’t have wine in them, and that I was excited about. (If the recipes called for 1/4-1/2 cup red or white wine, I’d still make them, but just swap the wine for chicken or beef stock.)

What was I longing for?

Milk – Duh. Specifically, an ice-cold, tall glass. The highlight of this whole experience was probably that I noticed no difference either giving up or adding back dairy. I’ve had doctors tell me for years that it may help my horrendously terrible skin, and I should give it up for 3 weeks to see what happens. Nothing happened! While this may seem bad on the skin front, it’s an overall win. I am not interested in a life without dairy.

Chocolate – There was not a single day that passed that I didn’t want to sneak away for a 5-minute Mommy break, complete with a handful of M&Ms or a York Peppermint Patty. Is it a food trap? Maybe. Do I care? Nope.

Baking – More than I wanted to eat dessert, I missed baking. I got together with friends, and had a couple events where I’m usually the baked-good bringer, and I missed being that person. When I bake, I’m usually content to eat a piece or two of whatever is in question and give the rest away. So this is habit that I know will come back, and I think that’s okay.

Good bread – I didn’t miss sandwich bread, but I was longing for a nice crusty slice of something upon which to make a sandwich or tartine. Which is funny because I’m not a huge fancy bread eater. Perhaps indulging in the good stuff will make bread worth it.

Easy meals – Save for chocolate, what I missed the most was being able to walk in the door from an incredibly busy or stressful day, and pour a bowl of cereal with milk and call it dinner. Though an apple with peanut butter (peanut butter!) would undoubtedly be healthier, cereal for dinner is exactly the right choice sometimes.

How was reentry?

It was lovely. I am trying hard to keep up my fruit and veggie consumption, and to go much, much easier in the carb and sugar department. This means at least one, if not two meals without grains, and one sweet treat a day. And no Nutella in the house.

What’s the bottom line?

I feel good. I don’t need coffee to wake up in the morning, but I still happily sip at my iced (almond milk!) latte because I love the ritual of it. My stomach is so much less flabby than usual, so I’m going to assume there’s some carb-weight that’s gone from the area. I don’t know whether I’ve lost any weight because I don’t own a scale. I am curious though, and I’ve got an annual check up in my future that may be telling. And most importantly, I’m happier with the food choices I’m making. Whole 30 proved that I have a lot more self control than I realized.


Finis [Week in the Life, Sunday]

We’re done. I don’t have too much to say other than, I am so glad I did this project this year. I’m writing this at the end of Monday, and while I’m glad to not have to reach into my back pocket to grab my phone, I still sort of missed taking pictures all day. This project definitely helped me take some new shots of Goop, which is great, because he’s hard to catch up with. I am so happy so many of you were here to follow along and cheer me on this year. I’m letting the photos tell the story today.











I kinda love that it’s blurry.

Have I Turned Into a Mommy Blogger? [Week in the Life, Saturday]

When Gooplet was born, I promised this wouldn’t turn into a mommy blog.

For the record – I read and love a lot of mommy blogs. But I don’t want to write one of my own.

And every day, when I come over to this place to upload my photos, I am struck by how many of Gooplet you all are getting this week. And this morning I realized (wait for it) it is what it is. Gooplet is one, and oh dearie me, do we see a lot of each other. Whenever Week in the Life falls next year, I bet that will still be the case. And after that, he’ll probably be off doing his own thing, at least a little bit of the time. And after that? He’ll be away from me more and more.

I saw a mom/neighbor/friend Friday afternoon. She had spent the day on a field trip with her son, and when I ran into her, she was running after her daughter who was off to soccer. “You’re not done for the day, are you?” I asked her. After all, I only had dinner, bath and bed, before I kissed Gooplet goodnight. “Oh, I’m just getting started,” she said.

This particular season is full of Gooplet. And thus, the photos are full of him too. Who knows what the next season will bring.


Some days start with a walk. (Most days now that the weather is nicer.)


Some (weekend) days start with bagels.


Most days involve a grocery trip for at least an item or two. (Flowers, hummus, and coffee, today.)


Most days involve playing with Dad on the floor.


Some days include special visitors. My aunt was in town for a day, and Gooplet was so excited to see her, he went running around, showing off by pointing to things in our house.


Some days there is baking going on. These are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, except I replaced the 3 C of oats called for with 3 C of the coconut/almond/cranberry Special K I found at Costco the other day. So good.


Some days involve cousin playdates. Gooplet’s cousin is 9 months older than him, and we see her at the library for story time, and on the weekends to hang out. These two are definitely learning how to share. It seems one has no interest in any particular toy until the other picks it up.


Most days involve us trying to figure out what to put on your tray for dinner. I texted my friends once to ask if I was the only mom who felt like she was feeding her kid a rotation of the same four foods. (I wasn’t.)


Some days have so much going on, it’s best to excuse yourself to play upstairs “alone” for a little while. This kid doesn’t have a huge family, but today he spent time with a great-aunt, a great-uncle, an aunt, a cousin, and oh yeah, his mom and dad. That’s a lot for a little guy.


And most days he rallies, and is back to “business” as usual after a breather.


After Gooplet was asleep, and we ate dinner, my aunt went up to bed, and my husband went up to iron, and I got 30 minutes on the couch with this book (which I am not very far into, but love) before I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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What is a Normal Week Anyway? [Week in the Life, Friday]

There’s something about doing this project, this year, dear readers. One of my favorite things about it is that Ali picks the week. It’s a week that she thinks is good for her to do the project, and as a result, it’s just a week in my life that is what it is. If I were to pick a random week, I’d agonize about which week seems the most normal, when in reality, a week is a week is a week. It has normal pieces and not normal pieces, and we roll with whatever comes our way. Here’s what Friday looked like.


Everything is a phase. Everything. And for the last two days, he seems to be coming out of whatever little funk he was in. When this happens, we both become far more wonderful people.


He’s learned to stick his finger in the raspberries and eat them that way. I love it. (Also, his eyelashes have gotten even longer and I love that too.)


A rare quiet moment. Ahhhhhh.

IMG_0634Lately, he’s been picking at his official breakfast in his high chair. When he throws a fit about an hour later, I know he’s starving, and he inhales breakfast, part deux, wherever we are.


This kid has been exploring everything around him so much more intently these days.


We end up at the grocery store about 3 times a week because we can’t keep enough berries in the house. On this go-round, I was checking out, and Gooplet started shrieking. He had a bloody lip – no idea how that happened. So I scooped him up and out of the cart for some snuggles, and then he decided he’d help push it to the door.


Naptime hustle. Scheduling some summer dates. This week, naptimes have been very hustle-y, and as a result I’m super exhausted and am desperate for a break. Here’s to letting that be okay and reading on the porch a bit more next week.


I can’t open the pantry door for a minute without him going in to investigate something. (The ankle-chub is in full effect here.)


Dragged this kid across town on errands today and he was a total trooper. This Target had so many empty spots on shelves that it wasn’t worth it.


Chipotle, however, is always worth the trip. Gooplet inhaled half of my chicken.


Surveying the landscape at Costco. We’re new here, and I’m not in a good grocery groove here yet. Super fun to explore the aisles, though. We found a book we’ve been wanting!


We got back late, which made naptime this whole ordeal. He ended up bringing his blue car (in his hands in this photo) and Batman up for naptime. Batman is almost always a bedtime companion these days. Why attach to something soft and snuggly when you could bring plastic figurines?


Cleaning the windows. Someone’s gotta do it.


On a post-dinner, pre-bath walk around the hood. I love that almost every time we go out, we run into someone and end up chatting. This time around, we talked to some neighbors at the bottom of our street, and met some faces from around the corner.


I just can’t with this face.


Every night, my husband does story time right before bed. Stopping to peek in on these boys before I go downstairs to eat dinner is absolutely a highlight of every night I’m home.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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[Week in the Life, Thursday]

To-do lists are my thing, and right now, sitting pretty at the top of mine is: schedule hair appointment, schedule pedicure. Those two items have been there for way, way too long. But do you know why I haven’t done them yet? Because the weather is good, and we’ve got people to see. I have to work every single day to prioritize what really matters. Connections with other people are the most important. Fresh toenail color can wait. Makes it all the more relaxing when that pedicure finally happens, anyway.


It’s always funny to see what little toys he picks up off the floor. Today was sunglasses, Grover, and the Little People zookeeper.


Gooplet and Wooden Nickels. He took a big interest in our coffee and she told him, “You don’t need coffee, you have enough energy.”


On Thursdays the recycling bins come out. Thanks for putting them out early today, across-the-street neighbor.


Singing and snuggling before naptime.


This kid is very hit or miss when it comes to music class. Sometimes he naps through the start time and we don’t go. Sometimes he clings to me the whole time because he’s not feeling it. And sometimes he’s transfixed and stares in wonder at the musicians. Today was one of those days.


Wandered off and played by himself for a little bit before naptime. Total win.


Stories before nap 2.


Did a little bit of work (read the session papers) at the start of naptime, but then I went out to read on the porch. I’ve been out the past two nights, and was out again Thursday evening, so sometimes you just have to make it happen at other times.


And sometimes you’ve gotta plunk your kid on the bed so you can get changed for a walk.


I love our neighborhood. Being able to text friends and ask, “Are you guys out on the playground?” is something I hope I don’t ever take for granted.


That one in red is Gooplet’s role model. They adore each other.


Circling the block to see more recycling bins. He babbles and reaches out for them.


I taught him how to blow on dandelions, and now he points to them until I pull them.


The third Thursday of the month means a session meeting at church at night. And someone else is in charge of dinner!


My leaving in the evenings often produces quite the scene with Gooplet, so, oh look! More bins to make him happy. Bet you didn’t know you were signing on to see so many people’s discarded belongings on the blog today.


Empanadas and church work. Not pictured: the best plantain chips I’ve ever had.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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What Do You Do All Day? [Week in the Life, Wednesday]

That’s the proverbial question stay at home moms get asked all the time, right? So. What do you DO all day? Perhaps it’s more of an urban mom legend because I’ve never been asked. But I’ve also given it serious thought, and I honestly have no idea. What do I do all day? A lot of nothing and and a little bit of everything. But if you asked me and expected me to give you a coherent answer I don’t know that I could.  I’m loving this year’s Week in the Life project because my answer is becoming more clear. And I don’t have to tell you anything, you can just come on over to the blog and see for yourself.

Here’s what Wednesday looked like.


This morning I walked this sidewalk, which I used to walk every day. Now it’s a once in a while kind of thing.


This morning we dropped off the fourth Harry Potter book on CD, which we finished about a month ago. We’ve been listening in the car.


This morning, we toured the recycling bins before we left school.


This morning, your jammies stayed on a little longer, and you knocked stuff off of tall towers (this is typical).


This morning we snuggled while you woke up from your nap.


This morning we didn’t make it to early story time, so we waited for the later one.


This afternoon you picked at some Chex, raspberries, and cheese, and I ate leftover chicken stew for lunch.

IMG_0390This afternoon, you took a nap, and I finally found this missing toy!

IMG_0393This afternoon, I gave you little instructions, at CVS. “Hold the pens, please,” “Pick up my wallet,” and you followed them. VICTORY DANCE!


This afternoon, Wooden Nickels arrived, and found us sorting through the recycling bins like always.


This afternoon you went crazy, showing off for her.


This evening, I left to tutor for an hour.


This evening, you threw a fit after I said goodbye, but 5 minutes of Sesame Street did the trick.


This evening, Dad gave you dinner, and you ate half of what was in the fridge. Then you got a bath and it was time for bed.


This evening, the three grown ups had spaghetti pie. Wooden Nickels called an early bedtime, my husband went up to iron and watch hockey, and I finally, finally caught up on the 100th episode of Scandal. (And kept reading this book. I don’t know why I’m still reading this book.)

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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On Moments [Week in the Life, Tuesday]

Motherhood has brought me an understanding of so many things about which I was clueless before. And a deeper knowledge of a lot of old adages. Take, for instance, “Every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.” I appreciate small moments so much more than ever before. Because, babies? They can take a glorious day and change everything on a dime. Scroll on, dear readers.


Today you screamed for dear life in your crib from 2:50 to 4:00 a.m. I am usually pretty heartless when it comes to sleep, figuring you can go ahead and get back to sleep on your own, but today was different. The screams were louder, and our windows were open, and I was terrified you’d wake the neighbors. Dad attempted to get you back to sleep, and I went in with the big guns (Motrin), but nothing worked. Ultimately, I scooped you up at 4:00, brought you over the chair in your room, and you slept while I held you, until 6:30. And are you ready for the kicker? I didn’t even hate it that much.


Today you were cuter than cute when you woke up. All smiles, babbling away, and playing. Like the 4 hours prior hadn’t even happened. I don’t know if I’ll ever fully understand you, little Goophead.


Today you wanted to follow your dad around all morning long. This is a departure from the last 5 or so days where you have had no interest in him at all.


Today you got your shoes on with Dad, and once he left for work, we did our long walk, including a trip to Starbucks. After last night, it was a venti kind of day.


Today you stalled for a while before we started stories and naptime. I was baffled as to how you weren’t tired, but you weren’t.


Today I cleaned up your breakfast dishes like always.


Today I emptied the dishwasher and flipped some laundry.


Today I turned in my session report before our meeting on Thursday.


Today you had too much fun at gym class. It’s your happy place – you can run and climb and do just about whatever you want.


Today we walked around a little bit in hopes that the line at Cava would get shorter. It did, and we ate together in the shade. I so wanted to get dessert, but I held out, remembering all the sugar in my coffee this morning.


Today you busted into the pantry as I was getting something out. You love walking around with the brooms and Swiffer.


Today we watched another wall of the house across the street go up.

IMG_0284Today we went for a short stroll around the block, but not before loading up on sunscreen. You inherited my fair skin, and I’m doing my part to make sure it stays as flawless as it is now.


Today you sat on our recycling bins and picked through what was already in them. I have no idea where the love of the bin comes from, but you ask to do this every day.


Today you were not happy after your nap so you sat in my lap and I stacked a bunch of Legos and just kept singing songs you like.


Today Dad came home a little earlier than usual so I could get things done. But you had no interest in me leaving your side, so we all snuggled on the couch.


Today I popped you on the counter for a minute while I tried to get BBQ bacon burgers on the dinner table (they were a great success).


Today I slipped out after bedtime for a tutoring session. An hour of measurement and volume in the books.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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If You Want it to be Spring Break, You Have to Make it Spring Break [Week in the Life, Monday]

Monday was the last day of our spring break. But not really spring break. I was just mom-ing away at home like I always do. The difference between spring break and regular life was that I declared it spring break. This meant laundry was neglected, I got lax about cleaning, I shirked some clean up duties to read on the porch every night, and we are all still fine.

One of the things I loved about being a teacher was that come June, the school year was over and done, and you could start fresh in the fall. Not so with mom-life. It’s on and on and on and on-going. And there’s never a good time to stop the madness and take a break from the daily routines. But sometimes, your friends are on spring break, and so you declare a little break of your own.

If you want it to be spring break, you have to make it spring break.

You decide that this is the week you’ll have a little more fun.

Here’s what Monday looked like.


He just lives to be outside. I enjoy being outside, but not as much as him. On good days, I’m accommodating.


He and I both share a love of the grocery store, thank goodness. He likes to bang on boxes in the front of the cart, and point and shout at balloons as we walk around. He loves saying hello to the butcher, and the check out ladies.


I am almost always my most productive during Monday morning naptime. Today was dinner in the slow cooker, laundry folded, dishes washed, smoothie finished, coffee poured, trash and recycling out, groceries put away.


We are in the car for something or another every day. Love seeing those chubby feet.


We love when we have an errand to run right near two of our besties. Met them at the grocery store and picked up a couple things at Home Goods (but not the things I needed).


He asked for TV when we got home, so 10 minutes of snuggles and Sesame Street (with Grover and Cookie Monster).


He loves to play with little figures. These two are fresh from the Easter basket.


We ventured off to see more friends (told you it was spring break). The grown ups had a glass of wine and spanikopita. He ran all over the place.


They did dinner together while I caught my breath.


We (3) did bath time with a super tired Gooplet.


We ate dinner together, but each did our own (phone) thing.


I ended the day the best way I know how. Reading (Small Admissions) on the porch. A couple nights away from home this week means this is probably not going to happen as much as I want it to.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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*AGOMYR, you still reading? Be sure to click on Friday. xoxo


Whole 30 – Days 21-30

I’m done! Whole 30 is over! Here’s the breakdown when it comes to the last 10 days…


What I Ate (for the most part):

I made a couple of dishes for dinner that I’m not linking here because they were total duds. So if this list looks sparse, know that I ate plenty, it just wasn’t all great. So much better that this happened at the end of Whole 30. Had it gone down in the beginning, there’s no way I would have kept up with the month.

Machacado con huevos, from Well Fed (except I used ground beef instead of dried beef)

Brussels sprouts salad with bacon and pomegranate from Against All Grain (except with chicken in place of bacon, and without the chicken broth, and with balsamic vinaigrette)

Slow cooker sesame orange chicken from Against All Grain (hello, honey = a Whole 30 no-no. But I was so sick of cutting meals because there was one ingredient I couldn’t have that I just went with it.)

Chicken cobb salad from Against All Grain

Barbecue burgers from Against All Grain

Some assorted thoughts, as I thought them:

I’m bored. It’s not that I don’t have a zillion more recipes flagged to try, but I’m tired of looking through cookbooks, and scrolling through Pinterest, only to find that a dish I want to cook won’t work because it has a tablespoon of honey, or other equally offensive ingredient. I’m eager to get back to cooking from a wider list of ingredients.

I’m also busy. In those middle ten days, I had some thoughts along the lines of, wow, Whole 30 requires a lot more time spent on cooking. And then I cooked and moved on with my life. But days 21-28 were nothing short of crazy for me, and my thoughts were, I will eat whatever is closest so that I can be done with dinner so that I can go to bed. If I hadn’t had multiple Whole 30-friendly options in the refrigerator, I would have had a giant bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios for dinner, and not felt guilty in the slightest. So again, meal prep is key to making Whole 30 a success.

I. Don’t. Need. Coffee. A friend told me this would happen after two weeks. It took a little longer for me, but I’ll attribute that to the small person who is often looped around my ankles. He doesn’t always sleep much, and he can be quite draining when he’s awake. But I woke up on Day 23 and was like, hey morning, let’s do this! (I drank coffee anyway because I love it so darn much.)

Um, that’s it. I was totally over it by Day 30, and had already reintroduced a couple of forbidden foods ahead of schedule. I’m still planning to eat more along the lines of Whole 30 than I had been before this whole endeavor (I’m looking at you carbohydrates), but I definitely don’t need to be so stringent from here on out.


Eleven Things


On the 11th.

  1. Is anyone you follow on Instagram doing the 100 Day Project? I love the idea, and I thought so hard about what I could do, but I came up short. I couldn’t think of something I was super excited about enough to spam my Instagram followers. My favorite projects this year are Elise’s (duh), and Four Dots’.
  2. Another reason I decided against the 100 Day Project this year is that it overlaps with Ali Edwards’ Week in the Life, which is my favorite thing ever. I’ll be going Insta-crazy in about two weeks, so that seems like enough. I love the way this project makes me take more pictures, and notice things I don’t always notice. I have never made an album of my pictures, ‘gramming them is plenty for me.
  3. I found the perfect pair of sunglasses! Bought them without a second thought and received two compliments on them as soon as they were on!
  4. Big Little Lies! I read it two summers ago, and haven’t watched the HBO series yet. I’ve heard mixed reviews – some friends loved it, others not so much. I loved the book and I love Reese, so I definitely want to watch.
  5. There are so many home improvements I want to make right now, and I’m trying to deal with the overwhelming feeling of wanting/needing to do a million things at once. I’ve been long putting off a trip to IKEA because who wants to go and haul heavy things alone with a baby, who himself is another heavy thing? Not I!
  6. It’s almost Easter! My family has absolutely zero Easter traditions. I have never successfully cooked a ham, and they’re supposed to be so easy. Once we outgrew egg hunts and Easter baskets, that was that. So will you share your traditions with me? What little surprises could I add to make the day (weekend?) special? This bread looks amazing, but it will be an Easter miracle if I can pull it off.
  7. Okay, time to talk about S Town. Have you listened yet? Coming straight off of Missing Richard Simmons and diving into S Town meant I was in the mindset to guess at a couple of the “twists,” but I was hooked nonetheless. But the same question I had about Richard Simmons remains – when is a story not yours to tell? I also loved listening to Megan and Laura’s special episode of Sorta Awesome, where they break it down episode by episode.
  8. I’m trying to spend at least a half hour outdoors each day. What’s the point of ditching my day job for this whole mom-gig if I’m still trapped inside?
  9. Don’t laugh, okay, dear readers? I’ve been spending so much time on social media feeds that have to do with cleaning, decluttering, simplifying, you name it. A couple of weekends ago I went spring cleaning crazy and I’m trying so hard to keep up with that momentum. I don’t have hours and hours at a time to clean the house from top to bottom, so it’s all happening in little chunks. One bag at a time heading out the door to go to ThredUp, Goodwill, or the thrift store.
  10. And while we’re on the subject of home stuff, let’s talk about art on the walls. I’m so drawn to art with words on it, but I want to hang art with just art on it. I have such a hard time finding pieces I love, though. Do you have anything hanging that you love?
  11. I joined Costco yesterday night. It was pretty momentous. The (Not So) New Girl has been egging me on for years!