Healthy Resolutions

I tried to like oatmeal, I did.

It’s so healthy and good for you.

I even gussied it up with raspberries, brown sugar, and a splash of milk.

But I just couldn’t do it.

I’ve heard steel cut oats are the way to go?

They taste better?

I’ll give them a try once I recover from the bowl of mush I tried to call breakfast last weekend.


I can still taste it.

Maybe I’ll take a hint from Annie (and save the rest of my regular oats for this killer combo).

But in the meantime, dear readers…

I’ll continue to eat pancakes.

Every weekend.

Forever and ever.


*These were new for us, they’re Joy the Baker’s Dad’s famous Buttermilk Pancakes.  While I’ll still turn to my beloved Joy of Cooking buttermilk pancakes more often than not, these were a breath of fresh air.  Yeah, we really could taste the difference.   We eat that many pancakes ’round these parts.  What of it?

3 thoughts on “Healthy Resolutions

  1. A comb and a brush and a bowl full of mush? I’ll make you a bowl of my world-famous oatmeal sometime. The secret is ~ NEVER buy stupid quick-cooking oats. You must use old-fashioned oats so they have some oomph. Your pancakes are seriously delicious, though! 🙂 –AGOMOR

  2. OMG, my mom just made the dough for some KILLER cookies- they involve oatmeal, sugar, chocolate chips, and heath bars!! (and some other stuff) I will “blog” about it (aka text you pictures and maybe make you some) if they taste as good baked as the dough did on the spatula 🙂 She got the recipe out of a book… as in a novel.

    In other news, I’ll be trying the new recipe Sunday. Thanks!

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