What I’m Reading


When Emily wrote about what she learned in April, I was pretty much in love with each bullet because any list with Lennon and Maisy, a mention of magic florescent butter, and Friends is okay with me.  I totally need those highlighters, right?

I’m on Twitter less and Instagram way more now, so I could see where this post was coming from.  How about you?  Oh well, it’s better to have loved and lost…

If I had any inclination to DIY anything this Happy Hour marquee would be hanging proudly in my dining room.

Once I tried to give up sugar and it lasted three days.  Whoops.  I keep thinking I should do something like that again, or maybe a Whole 30?  I love that Raluca shares that there is never going to be a perfect 30 day window to give up these kinds of things.  You just have to do it.  Queen Cupcake and I discussed this at length when we went out for (sugary) the froyo pictured above.


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