Dinner Round Up

We just had a Pinterest round up and those are always fun, so why not a dinner round up?

See also, I don’t take pictures of my food anymore. A confluence of life events has left me such that I’m often eating,

a) standing up, while trying to do three other things at once
b) er, shoveling food in my mouth frantically, so I can head out the door
c) in a state of complete exhaustion because the day kicked my butt

I’d give you a classic blogger excuse like the winter light is terrible (and it is), but that would be utter nonsense.  I’m not snapping pictures of my food because I don’t sit still long enough to do it. Check out my Instagram stories if you want to see what’s for dinner.


If you want to click on what’s for dinner, however, that’s easy enough. It’s right here:

Amy Thielen’s fancy meatloaf is amazing, and the “fancy” does not apply to the prep–it comes together easily enough. (Next time, I’d chop everything going in super tiny, but that’s a personal preference.)

Pinch of Yum’s Skinny Spinach Lasagna (though of course I didn’t use the skinny ingredients) was my first foray into no-boil noodles, and dare I say, it was a rip roaring success. Lasanga can now be a candidate for weeknight meal. Never thought I’d live to see the day.

The Kitchn’s Creamy Skillet Tortellini with Sweet Potato and Spinach is amazing. Always wanting to work sweet potatoes into the rotation, and this was a great way to do it.

Brown Eyed Baker’s Italian Wedding Soup has shredded chicken and ground beef meatballs.  Loved it. (Doubled the pasta because I always do.)

On a smiliar note, Bon Appetit put together a zoodle soup, to which I added real (egg) noodles because, see above. Felt like a fun twist on a classic vegetable soup. (This is what’s in the picture above.)

This slow cooker basil chicken with coconut curry sauce is a great alternative to cream of mushroom soup in the slow cooker.  You know I can only handle so much cream of mushroom in the slow cooker.

The Kitchn’s Cheesy Lentil, Mushroom and Rice Bake was a great meatless addition to the table, and something that can easily come together if you prep the grains ahead of time.

3 thoughts on “Dinner Round Up

  1. Hello my dearest! I made the lasagna today. I puréed all the spinach with the ricotta and added three layers of ground beef cooked with thyme, garlic, salt and pepper (your BIL wouldn’t eat anything without meat 😔). I didn’t put any water though. It was the best lasagna I have ever made or even eaten! Thank you so much for the recipe ❤️❤️❤️❤️

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