The Internet is My Favorite


(So many painting projects I want to tackle.)

Looking at a lot of St. Patrick’s Day desserts this year. No bake mint chocolate chip ice cream pie, you are calling my name!  (And if you’ve never made Irish potatoes, you should probably get on that.)

My friend Ashley sends me pictures of her gorgeous bullet journal–I’m obsessed.  But I haven’t taken the plunge yet.  Mostly because I have a planning system that, though it may not be the most efficient, works for me right now. Tracy’s bullet journal posts always leave me inspired, though. Maybe someday.

And while we’re on the subject of Shutterbean, this this this this this this this post is what cooking is all about.

But also, this.

Anne’s post about her neverending list actually being finished made me think of Elise’s “just start” mantra. Seriously. Make the call, click purchase on that thing that keeps running through your head, what are we waiting for?

It takes a lot to get me on board with bloggers blogging about toast.  Jessica had me at VANILLA! RICOTTA! HONEY! BANANA!

I am seriously serious about trying a Whole 30 after Gooplet’s birthday. And by Whole 30, I mean a made-up kind where I am still allowed to drink iced vanilla lattes. But other than that-a real Whole 30. This beef, mushroom, and spinach scramble looks like it’s okay, right? Ugh, I just found out I can’t even eat beans!

So many feelings about this book after reading the Nerdy Book Club’s blog post about it.  And then I find out it’s not coming out till SEPTEMBER?

All I want in life is to go to Harbour Island and stay at the Dunmore. Stripes everywhere!



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