On Having a Uniform

Dear readers, I had the most gloriously carefree summer, and now my planner is conspiring against me, and staring me in the face with a little smirk. Like, hey girl, remember all the responsibilities and commitments you avoided during the days you could run to the pool every afternoon? They didn’t go anywhere. Oh, and they all need attention. Now.

instagram: @stephens_louisa


fall is coming.

At least I have the cutest planner ever. While I figure out how to arrange for childcare, make well-visit appointments at any number of doctors, and get the oil changed for two cars, I’ve decided I’m adopting a fall uniform.

rocking the scarf.

Jeans with cute tops or sweaters.

neutrals.  always.



Sounds boring, I know, but scrolling through my Pinterest revealed it’s actually the only look I’ve ever pinned for cooler temps. (Warmer temps? Shifts for life.)

anthro top via @Clara Artschwager

The key to making it look less like the same thing I wore every day of middle school and high school, and more like I’m trying is the perfect pair of jeans, of course. I am head over heels in love with AG Jeans, which are found (and $$$) at Anthropologie, but also on my beloved ThredUp. When a good pair pops up in my size, I am super quick to order it.


Have I ever told you about my obsession with the Olsens? Another time, then. Cheers to not overthinking your wardrobe decisions.



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