What I’m Working On Now

21 Best Workspace Decor We Spotted on Instagram this Month | Brit + Co

(source – AGOMYR, is this your rug? It looks like your rug, no?)

  • Putting my phone down more often. (During the day, this has been going so well. At night, not so much.)
  • Blocking time on my calendar for to-do’s in the name of doing them once, and doing them right. (Super liking how that’s going and hoping to share more soon.)
  • Choosing calm.
  • Having patience, as we add so many finishing details that make our house feel more and more like home.

2 thoughts on “What I’m Working On Now

  1. My list:
    – Soaking in the gift of time at home with my two littles while they’re still this little
    – but also managing to cross all the stuff off the list,
    – all while putting on my mask first- aka finding time for me in each day, even if it’s just ten minutes

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