Best of 2012

I spent the day with family.  I’m currently sitting on my couch, favorite slippers on my feet, new pajamas on (thanks, Wooden Nickels), and a blanket wrapped around me.  Oh, and I’m watching Friday Night Lights.  Life is good here in Casa Glass of Milk.  And 2012 was good, especially in the food department.  Here’s my under-the-wire, Elise inspired look back at the best of the kitchen.  Except for the last image (post coming soon!), you can click on the pictures to see the related posts.  Bon appetit, dear readers. best pancakes

best spin on a classic

best two bite cookie

best soup

best cupcake i didn't think i was going to like

best comfort food

best weird snack

best pantry staple

best kitschy cupcake

best invented recipe

best reason to be a jew

best leftover transformation

best breakfast treatbest fried food

*p.s.  The blog got a little facelift.  Now it’s all fresh-faced for 2013.  Enjoy!

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