What I’m Reading

Dear readers, my favorite imaginary well-dressed toddler, Quinoa, is getting a book.  You better believe it will be gracing a coffee table in my house as soon as it comes out.

Last year, we didn’t watch that much football, and I felt like a lost soul, drifting in a world with nothing to guide me.  This year, my Sundays will be more structured, their passing being punctuated by the 1:00, 4:00, and 8:30 games.  And I will be making football food.  A lot of it.  Do join me.  (I make Jess’s pizza dip all the time and it has yet to last long enough for a picture.)


Also, it’s really fall and you can get this as a printable for exactly zero dollars.

I will read just about anything that talks about happiness, so I loved Kelly’s look at the Stefan Sagmeister exhibit.  And I’ve never seen anyone nail a list the way that Thought Catalog did with “11 Simple Things That Everyone Needs to Be Happy.”  I emailed SCL right away to tell her she fulfilled numbers 6 and 11.

On reading recipes, for beginning, and advanced cooks.

This is a question we should all dedicate time to answering.  I’m with all the commenters who mentioned Gwynnie.  Love.  Her.  Also, love Muffy’s posts in general.  Is there such a thing as a True Prep?  Can you spend too much time trying to figure it out?  I’m going with no.  And I can only definitively answer question 6.

Finally, we’ve uncovered the secret to being popular.  If only I could go back to middle school and change everything!

This is about children.  And sports.  But the sentiment is appropriate no matter who you interact with.  And it can be applied on and off the field.  Six words.  Say them.

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