What I’m Reading – New England Edition

My husband and I are planning to sneak away to New England in the summer.  He’s never been north of New York, and I have yet to visit Maine, New Hampshire, and Vermont.  We’re going on a road trip along the coast because I’m naive and think it will be cute and bond-y.  This will likely prove to be untrue less than half the way to wherever we go first, but I’m sticking to my guns.  We will drive through America and we will enjoy it!  (And we will need some serious playlists and podcasts to get us through.)

Where should we go, dear readers?  What should we see and do?  And what should we listen to so we don’t kill each other?


I’ve been doing some research and this is what I’ve found:

First, and most importantly, I now have the perfect excuse to buy the (North) American edition of 36 Hours, which I’ve been ogling at Anthropologie more and more with each visit.

And the NY Mag travel guides are a nice complement to that tome.  I’ve been scouring the guides to Kennebunkport, Camden, Martha’s Vineyard, and Newport.

Muffy is certainly an expert on all things New England, and I like her list of shopping destinations.  Hoping to cross a couple of those off our list.  I’m also brushing up on my working knowledge of The Preppy Handbook.

And finally, BuzzFeed.  While I usually spend my time on BuzzFeed figuring out which emoji I am (the winky/kissy face), and which Mean Girls character best represents me (the girl who looks like Danny DeVito, what?), this list of New England towns I need to see is proving super helpful as I work to fill in some stops on our journey.

5 thoughts on “What I’m Reading – New England Edition

  1. A New England road trip sounds fantastic. That area of the country is quaint and beautiful. I’ve been to Maine a couple of times and cannot wait to go back and take the husband. Z’s never been north of NY either!

  2. Sean and I love listening to This American Life and Radiolab podcasts. I’ve also heard great things about the Moth Radio Hour. The first two are on NPR (and maybe the third, although I’m not sure), which I know you don’t love. But, they are usually super interesting and engaging.
    You are going to love Maine. You can’t go wrong eating anywhere in Kennebunkport. If you go to Portland, do NOT miss Fore Street or Street & Co.

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