Some Thanksgiving Advice


Dear readers, we are officially one week out from the day I look forward to more than any other.  Look for three new Thanksgiving ideas here in the coming days.  In the meantime, enjoy some sage advice about Turkey Day. thanksgiving plate.

From me; someone who is by no means a veteran, but isn’t a rookie either.

  • Do it.  Add one more thing to the menu.  Because why not?  It’s the one day a year when there’s no such thing as too much.  When too much is not enough.
  • When you are planning your Thanksgiving menu, and writing out your grocery lists, think past Thursday.  Yes, you will have leftovers after the big feast.  Yes, turkey sandwiches for days!  But those are lunches.  Have you planned your dinners?  It’s so easy to plan everything for your big meal, only to have nothing to eat on Friday night.  Or Saturday, or Sunday for that matter.  I’d much rather have a ziti waiting in the wings (read: freezer) and ample time to curl up with a good book than make another trip to the store.

And from the pro:

  • Let us speak plainly:  you are going to need a lot of butter…Figure at least two pounds for the day.  There may well be lots left over, to be sure, depending on what you cook.  But two pounds sends a message.
  • There ought to be laughter throughout.  For whoever comes into your home, whoever you invite, whoever invites himself, whoever needs to be invited, whoever’s there:  Thanksgiving ought to be the best holiday of the year.

And from Lindsay, someone whose blog I’ve been reading since almost the beginning:

  • See her note on chocolate at the very end of her 2013 Thanksgiving wrap-up.  It is absolutely, 1000% accurate.
    “Dear future Lindsay, next year, make two desserts. One pumpkin, of course, but also something chocolate. Something about eating dinner at 3:00 in the afternoon will throw off your hunger routine. Even after a huge meal and unabashedly large slice of pie a few hours later, come about 8:00 or so you WILL be craving something chocolate. It seems silly to top off such a fantastic day of homemade goodness with a giant scoop of chocolate peanut butter ice cream, but it was the only option at that point.”

One thought on “Some Thanksgiving Advice

  1. So far we have had 3 dinners from the fabbo “Fakesgiving” dinner you cooked for us, including last night–delicious! I didn’t realize, though, that I was eating 2 lbs. of butter! ♡♡♡

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