The List of Awesome

three-tiered birthday cake.

Year 5 is upon us dear readers, and this year, I took a different route when making the list of awesome.  There are 52 weeks in a year, and there are always 50 items on the list of awesome.  But in years past, I started thinking up the awesome-ness just a few weeks before the list went up.  And this year, I’ve been dating as I go.  A year of awesome.  Enjoy!

4/6/14 – Soaking up Vitamin D

4/13/14 – Perfect beach weather

4/22/14 – Kids who play games outside from dusk till dark

4/30/14 – The sound of rain when you have nowhere else to be

5/6/14 – Pulling off a great homemade dinner when you didn’t feel like cooking

5/11/14 – Getting your daily dose of Vitamin D first thing in the (beautiful) morning

5/19/14 – YA novels that suck you right in even though you’re inching closer to 30.

5/25/14 – Spending the entire day at home, with both the windows and doors wide open.

5/27/14 – Seeing children use manners without being prompted by adults.

5/30/14 – Crawling in bed a little earlier than you planned (this on a Friday night, dear readers).

6/13/14 – Thank you notes with real love in them.

6/19/14 – Challenging yourself to read a book a day.

6/24/14 – Sipping drinks on a back porch.

6/30/14 – Having someone cook you a meal from start to finish, and not letting you lift a finger to help at all.

7/1/14 – Reuniting with friends.

7/3/14 – Iced coffee.

7/4/14 – Holiday traditions.

7/5/14 – Friends who stay later than everyone else for one more margarita.

7/16/14 – Getting good news when you didn’t expect to (#AndThenWeBoughtAHouse).

7/26/14 – Surprise birthday wishes.

7/27/14 – Three-tier birthday cakes (pictured)

8/7/14 – Walks on the beach.

8/18/14 – Starting fresh.

9/1/14 – Spending a long weekend with favorites.

9/20/15 – 90s dance parties.

9/23/14 – Songs that give you goosebumps.

10/16/14 – Spending a beautiful day outside.

10/18/14 – Tailgates.

10/25/14 – Hugs.  Hugs are so awesome.

11/16/14 – Thanksgiving.  And Fakesgiving.

11/21/14 – Unexpected froyo stops.

11/22/14 – Buying handmade.

12/13/14 – Watching old movies

12/27/14 – Friends who send you snaps when you’re not together.

1/17/15 – Podcasts.

1/19/15 – Hearing the sound of demolition on the house you have been waiting five months to renovate.

2/14/15 – Surprise cupcakes waiting for you after a workout.

2/21/15 – Movies that act as love letters to New York.

2/22/15 – The sun coming out after a week of frigid temperatures.

2/22/15 – Feeding others a meal

2/27/14 – Getting a compliment.

2/28/15 – Acquaintances who become friends.

3/1/15 – Cheap pizza.

3/7/15 – People you’ve known forever.

3/12/15 – Cookbooks

3/19/15 – Good news

3/21/15 – Cured meat

3/25/15 – A killer playlist

3/28/15 – Getting so lost in a book that you forget you even have a cell phone.

4/2/15 – Group texts that start at 4:30 a.m. each day and don’t end till 11:00 p.m.

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