The Kitchen is Open

I’m in my kitchen right now you guys.  I’m blogging from my ten foot island.  I just browned butter on the stove and now I have to wait for 20 minutes for it to cool before I can get to work on these.  With any luck, these are the gateway cookies that will open the door to more and more (and more, and more, and more) baked goods.  I can hardly stand it.


(That was our first meal at La Moneda.  Grilled Cheese.  I didn’t even cook it.)

I’m slowly finding my footing in the kitchen, and I’m doing it with classics that I can make with my eyes closed, and semi-homemade recipes wherein you get a jar of Stonewall Kitchen sauce, and slather it over a hunk of meat that sat in the oven for several hours.

the mixer lives.

And I’m dreaming of what I want to make next.  I don’t honestly know if I’ll get to these, dear readers.  Our house is still very much a construction zone, and may still be one until I leave for vacation.  But if I can, I’ll make…

Shutterbean’s Mushroom and Spinach Baked Rice Bowls

How Sweet Eats’ Breakfast Fried Rice

Julie Blanner’s Prosecco Sangria

Love and Olive Oil’s Olive Oil and Sea Salt Truffle Brownies

Food 52’s Pasta with Yogurt and Caramelized Onions (via Cup of Jo)

7 thoughts on “The Kitchen is Open

  1. Your kitchen is BEAUTIFUL!!! You have a wonderful eye for design. Love the clean, fresh look of it, the navy blue island, the cabinets to the ceiling, and fabbo sink, and everything else about it. Oh, and I snuck a look in all the cabinets–brilliant! ♡♡♡

      • It involves smoke meat (not smoked, maybe only avalobken in Hawaii but it’s like sausage and there are
        some brands here that list the same spices on the ingredients list), bacon, eggs, day old rice (always day old, fresh is my the way to go), frozen mixed veggies, onion… It sounds very similar to the breakfast rice you mentioned- just Hawaiian.

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