Food Blogs are my Favorite

This is getting ridiculous. Every other day, I’ve got a new list here.

But I love lists, and there’s just so much to tell you all. Lists are efficient.

The food blogs I read are on fire right now. Here’s what I want to make:

First of all, adding NYT Cooking to my Facebook feed was one of the better decisions I’ve made recently. This is butter steamed broccoli with peppery bread crumbs.

Does anyone else remember when Tracy posted about making your own almond milk? I read the post, and was like, ummm, that sounds good, but complicated. I don’t know if it’s the passing of time, my current Whole 30 endeavor, or the promise of Nutella milk, but Lindsay’s nut milks sound amazing, and doable. Nut milk is a funny term.

I feel similarly about Brown Eyed Baker’s Momofuku Birthday Cake. Always wanted to make it. Her post makes me think I could. It’s also super-helpful to hear from a fellow frosting-lover that she wasn’t bummed about the lost frosting from the naked circumference of the cake.

Food can be powerful. Food can heal.

For my fellow mayo-based-salad-haters, here is asparagus potato salad with hot bacon dressing.

Jessica calls this a pineapple ginger smoothie, but if you play up the coconut in the recipe, it’s definitely a pina colada smoothie, and where do I sign up?

Summer dessert alert!

Anytime dessert alert!

Banana cake is my favorite. Because it’s cake, so that’s awesome, but it doesn’t feel quite so decadent. Like you got away with eating a piece of cake sans some of the guilt? Of course, the only thing better than banana cake is chocolate banana cake.

Remember Everyday Food? Sigh. Me too. Let’s reminisce together over some banana blueberry muffins.

You had me at Rich Man’s Hot Pockets.

The following two uses for breakfast cereal are blowing my mind: cereal parfaits (duh, why didn’t I think of this?), and milk and cereal breakfast popsicles (I’m envisioning something with chocolate milk and Cinnamon Toast Crunch).

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