In Which We Are Not Going Back to School

But it is no longer summer.


Time for an experiment: can we make the feeling of summer last all year? (Or at least till December when THE HOLIDAYS come to drown us all?) Here is the plan…


We will make time to splash in puddles.

We will continue to read and hit up every story time inside the Beltway.

We will keep one day a week free from any and all obligations and just see what happens.

We will get outside at least once a day, every day. Bonus points if that includes a walk in the stroller. Triple bonus points if that involves Gooplet walking himself somewhere.

We will cook and bake together.

We will not be afraid to make messes.

We will clean up those messes as best as we know how.

We will visit as many playgrounds as we can.

There will be play dough.

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