Christmas Fridays

I’m going to pop in on Fridays during December and do some sort of holiday post because I always get the most excited in the weeks leading up to Christmas.

Southern Gal:


  1.  Are you kidding me?  This dress is perfection.
  2. Ali offered me tickets to the National Christmas Tree lighting, and I just couldn’t pull off getting there.  It would have involved sneaking out of work early, after I had just taken a day off, and rushing into the city.  So it didn’t happen.  But when I saw Reese’s Instagram, I was seriously doubting my judgement.
  3. So, some (virtual) retail therapy.  Have you all seen Reese’s line, Draper James?  It’s amazing, and the Hannah Heart holiday collection is everything.  I would die for this sweater.  I spent all the money I’ve ever made the weekend after Thanksgiving, including purchasing almost all of Target, so I’m not looking to drop $175 on a navy candy cane sweatshirt.  But if I was….


4.  Rereading #3 makes it astoundingly clear I am an unabashed abuser of hyperbole.  But still.  This sweatshirt.

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