Eight Things

On the eighth:

Habit Tracker Loving the neon staedtler pen habit tracker!:

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TV tracker.:

  1. Everyone keeps talking about bullet journals, and it’s totally something I’d get into, but I’m just…not?  I love pretty notebooks and list-making (hello, this post), but I don’t know.  Maybe it’s that I don’t see the advantage over just using a regular planner.  Someone enlighten me?  And how do you know how many pages to leave for each list?
  2. I am not going to say I want Meg’s life.  I watch Meg from afar on the internet, and I have no idea what difficult things she is working through.  But I do know her house is stunning, and I adore the way she writes about life with her 5 children.  This post about how they all do their own laundry in particular.  I know that’s random.  But I love it. (I also love doing the laundry, so maybe I’ll still do that, but teach my kids to do the dishes and vacuum.)
  3. I loved Elise’s podcast on the 100 Day Project.  Loved it so much it got me thinking about what I could do for 100 days.  I don’t know.  Yet.  But I hope I keep mulling it over.
  4. Speaking of lists and doing all the things, I wrote a 101 in 1001 list.  And then had a Gooplet, and LOL, that’s not all getting done.  But a lot of the list items don’t even matter to me anymore.  I’d love to redo it and restart.  Meet Oprah will obviously remain on the list.
  5. Alison Krauss Pandora is pretty much getting me through anything stressful right now.
  6. It’s so stressful when you get a bunch of holds in at the library at once and you know you can’t read everything as fast as it’s coming at you.  (The History of Great Things, Shop Class as Soulcraft, What Alice Forgot, Love that Boy, Do No Harm, This is the Story of a Happy Marriage)  I still haven’t even touched the new Harry Potter.  Who even am I?
  7. I need to ruthlessly weed through my closet.  I always need to ruthlessly go through my closet.  Why do I have so many clothes?  Why do I keep buying more?
  8. Washi tape is still awesome.  Ali got me two new gold rolls from Target, and I picked a flamingo roll up at Paper Source.  I love anything that dresses up snail mail.
  9. Wait, I’m adding a bonus ninth thing.  Tsh wrote how all she needs to get the school year off to a good start is adequate sleep and a good diet.  My first reaction was yes!  And then, hah!  That’s so much easier said than done.  But it really shouldn’t be.  And I should figure out why it sounds so impossible, and how I can make it as easy as it should be.  Goals!

(bullet journal; Meg’s porch; tv bullet journal)

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