101 in 1001

go do them.

I’m the kind of person who likes to keep busy.  I don’t do too well with sitting still, save for the odd weekend day when nothing is on the schedule and I binge on Gossip Girl.  Even then, I’m probably also on Pinterest.  Or Instagram.  But most of the time, I enjoy having something worth focusing on, even if it is a nagging task like cleaning up the files on my computer.

Introducing 101 in 1001.

I think Mackenzie was on to something when she started her list.  She’s in the midst of round two of a list of 101 tasks she wants to complete in 1001 days, which is the better part of three years.  Mine is a healthy mix of fun items, challenging items, and items that have to get done one way or another, so you might as well put them on a list so you can cross them off when you’re finished.  I plan to tackle it lackadaisically, which is just to say, I may get through everything, and I may not care to get through some things at all.  I like that this list will always be there, but I also may come up with something(s) better to do over the next three years.  We’ll see.


  • Learn to make my own iced coffee
  • Host weekly dinners
  • Find 10 slow cooker recipes I love
  • Drink juice for a day
  • Pay it forward at Starbucks
  • Bake unbirthday cupcakes
  • Make 10 dinners from Pinterest
  • Make 10 breakfasts from Pinterest
  • Make 10 sweets from Pinterest
  • Send cookies to people just because
  • Cook through a cookbook
  • Make 10 recipes from my Grandma’s cookbook
  • Make 10 cocktails
  • Bake a 3-layer cake
  • Eat dinner at 10 new places
  • Eat organically for a month
  • Attend an Outstanding in the Field dinner
  • Host a punch bunch at church
  • Try 10 new brunch places
  • Make pasta from scratch
  • Host Thanksgiving
  • Make 5 ice cream recipes
  • Memorize my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe


  • Read all of Jane Austen’s books
  • Read the Little House series
  • Write a story just for fun
  • Read or donate every book I own
  • Reread the 6th and 7th Harry Potters
  • Donate to the DC Library
  • Read a book a day again one summer
  • Read all the Newbery winners
  • Read Gone With the Wind
  • Read the Bible.  The whole Bible.
  • Finish a Saturday crossword
  • Read a new Shakespeare play
  • Spend the day reading at the library


  • Create an editorial calendar
  • Get a prettier blog design
  • Start a new blog series
  • Hit 500 barre classes
  • Send flowers for no reason
  • Get a blowout
  • Go car-less for a week
  • Do another Write 60
  • Have a phone-free weekend
  • Host an Oscar party
  • Scan all my old photos
  • Organize my computer photos
  • Send birthday cards to everyone on my planner list
  • Volunteer 10 times in a year
  • Blog every weekday for a year
  • Start a new tradition with my husband
  • Tip someone 100%
  • Get both of my gmail inboxes down to 0
  • Host a game night
  • See a ballet
  • See an opera
  • Leave work at work for 10 weeks (one quarter)
  • Make and give 5 mix CDs
  • Keep Sundays free of all obligations
  • Do something I’ve never done
  • Find eye makeup I don’t hate
  • Celebrate as much as possible


  • Finish decorating the first floor of our house
  • Plant hydrangeas and peonies
  • Marie Kondo my clothes
  • DIY something in our house
  • Put all of my scrapbook pages in sleeves and in order
  • Make a wedding album
  • Install built-ins in our house
  • Finish our basement
  • Develop a cleaning routine
  • Sign up for the Craft Weekend wait list
  • Buy a piano
  • Decorate with fresh flowers every week for a year
  • Create a patio
  • Do another 100 Things Challenge
  • Decorate for Christmas with more than 1 tree
  • Make photo albums for the years I haven’t scrapbooked


  • Visit all the monuments in DC
  • Visit 4 new states
  • Fly somewhere first class
  • Visit Nantucket again
  • Visit Harry Potter World
  • Take another road trip
  • Live in New York City for a week (or longer!)
  • Take a trip alone
  • Go to the US Open
  • Visit 3 Virginia wineries
  • Go to an SEC football game
  • Go skiing
  • Visit 3 new baseball stadiums
  • Go back to spring training
  • Add another stamp to my passport


  • Finish Gossip Girl
  • Watch AFI’s 100 greatest films
  • Watch all of Audrey Hepburn’s movies
  • Watch all of Meryl Streep’s movies
  • Watch all the best picture nominees for the Oscars one year


  • Meet Oprah

(That fabulous print pictured above comes from Lara Casey.)

6 thoughts on “101 in 1001

  1. how did I not comment on this post when I first read it?! Tom will gladly be the recipient of your “bake cookies for someone just because” item. I will gladly help you with the “try 10 new brunch places” item. Keeping Sundays free of all obligations is the best thing – I hope you love it as much as I do. Please don’t move to NYC for any longer than 1 week – it’s really not my favorite place to visit (gasp, I know, the horror) although I bet you could knock out 10 new brunch places pretty quickly in that city!

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