Thursday Check In – Something New I’m Trying

Earlier this summer, Apartment Therapy told us that we should never ever say we’re sorry when we have guests over.  And then their sister site, The Kitchn went and jump started everyone’s fall with a crappy (on purpose!) dinner party.

cookies and cream puff pastry donuts.:

i really want this.:

And so I did it.  I stopped saying I was sorry.  I had friends over for coffee and I didn’t say anything about the volume of Gooplet’s toys still on the floor.  The dinner I had to order for a group didn’t work out exactly the way I planned, but I didn’t apologize for bringing what was my second choice. I ordered a crazy caloric dish at brunch*, and made no comments about it being a cheat-day, or having a salad for dinner, or some such nonsense.  I ran into someone at the grocery store.  I wasn’t dressed.  I didn’t immediately bring it up.  It’s kind of freeing.  Dare you.

*And while we’re discussing indulgent brunch dishes, let’s discuss Jessica’s Cookies and Cream Puff Pastry Donuts, or Love and Olive Oil’s Fruit Loops French Toast, shall we?

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