Guess Who’s Back?

Dear readers, I didn’t intend to leave you for a month but that’s exactly what I did. I missed you tons and I didn’t miss you at all. But it’s good to be back. Let’s start slow, shall we?


When I sat down to menu plan for the week I saw this and remembered that OMG I love arugula in the summer. It just tastes right. Planning to make that salad, plus put a bed of peppery greens under this.

Emily Henderson’s advice for students heading to college is spot. On.

Rachel’s guide to staying along 30A in Florida has me wishing for another vacation, and we only just got back. (Clea from The Home Edit just stayed here too, and shared about it in her Insta stories. Yes please!)

Oh, and Kelle and her family went off to Mackinac, which has long been atop my list of places to go. Basically what I’m saying is I want to chase resort life all year long.

Thick enough to go commando“? I thought I knew everything about how Lilly got her start, but I learned a couple of things from this article.

Love this list, pairing YA Fiction with Non-Fiction.

I always roll my eyes when bloggers post people’s house tours because they all look the same to me. But Joanna’s new apartment in Brooklyn seems like it breaks the cookie cutter mold, and like people actually live there. I love it.

Molly and Deb each dabbled in wedding baking this summer, and I loved the results.


4 thoughts on “Guess Who’s Back?

  1. You’re back! Love the Brooklyn apartment–fitting that the first photo is of the window-seat cushion, which makes the whole thing! The resort shown in your own photo looks perfect–why look any further? Just keep going there! Heart heart heart

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