75 Parties

This weekend, I served lunch to 70 people (with a healthy does of help from caterers and friends).  And it reminded me just how much I miss serving food to other people.  It is my love language.

When we get our house up and running, it will come complete with an open invitation to everyone we love once a week.  My intention for this house is that it feels inviting to anyone who crosses its threshold.  Which means I’ve spent the months since I saw this dreaming about what those weekly gatherings will look like.  Of course, if they are weekly, they’ll likely be pretty low-key, since it will be another 6 days before we up and do everything all over again.  That’s kind of the point.  But I’ve had a lot of time to dream, and come up with a laundry list of entertaining possibilities.  I want to have some of these parties yesterday (oh, Oscar party, you have always eluded me).  I want to have some of these parties never (what, exactly, is a hoedown?).  But it’s fun to dream, and if we’re ever stuck for ideas for our weekly gathering, one of these might help us out.  Links are to anything I thought might help you plan a fete of your own.

Below are 75 ideas for entertaining.  But tell me what I left out, dear readers.  Do you have any fun party traditions?

superbowl//oscars//derby//cinco de mayo//meatballs and spaghetti//brunch//hot cocoa//chili//pulled pork//tacos//crostini//wine tasting//friendsgiving//ugly sweaters//barbecue//pajama//birthdays//half birthday//pizza//ice cream and a movie//potluck//soup//picnic//new year’s eve//cocktails//fondue//s’mores//tapas//beer tasting//game night//waffle bar//chocolate//halloween//mother’s day//father’s day//back to school//snow day//block party//easter egg hunt//clambake//hoedown//rooftop//sock hop//toga//mardi gras//cookie swap//masquerade//white//garden//fourth of july//labor day//memorial day//pool//eighties//tea//luau//bonfire//new year’s day//articles club//chinese food on christmas//state dinner//desserts//gingerbread houses//Nintendo//favorite things//comfort food//pinterest//trivia night//baked potato bar//casino night//un-birthday//spa day//cupcake decorating//mac and cheese//twenties//karaoke

p.s.  If you click on no other link, click on the one for trivia night.  🙂

2 thoughts on “75 Parties

  1. I must chime in because I love this idea. Chinese New Year is my absolute favorite theme party to host! Last year, I played Shanghai jazz from the 30s and 40s and served a punch with jasmine. Speaking of punch, may I suggest you purchase a vintage punch bowl on eBay or Etsy. It seemed silly at the time but I have used mine countless times, though you must be careful to serve plenty of food and remind your friends that a glass of proper punch is basically a shot and a half. And punches pair well with a retro party menu like a classic Caesar, a ham, and something made in a Jello mold. Hope you are well!

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