On Jennie Shows, and Listening to Dirty John

Growing up, Sous Chef Lauren and I watched vastly different TV shows and movies. Her dad was super-into movies, and she was watching Alien back when I couldn’t get enough of Mrs. Doubtfire. Fast forward through high school, and Sous Chef Lauren was my go-to whenever I wanted to watch a show. “Is this a Jennie show?” I’d ask. And invariably, she would know whether or not I’d enjoy something.

For the record, Jennie shows = fluffy, light, warm-fuzzy dramas and/or comedies.

Which means it is truly out of left field that I have been completely and totally hooked on all these True-Crime-y podcasts that are coming out now. If you asked Sous Chef Lauren whether these episodes are “Jennie shows” she would give you a definitive no. And I’d agree with her! They’re not! But I’m hopelessly hooked anyway.


I did “Serial” the year it came out during a fit of Thanksgiving-prep. Then “S-Town” came out and I was dragging Gooplet out for hour-long walks in the stroller so I could binge on all the episodes. And now it’s “Dirty John.” Have you listened? I heard about it from Laura Tremaine, one of the cohosts of my beloved “Sorta Awesome” podcast.

(For the record, “Sorta Awesome”? Totally a fun, light-hearted, Jennie show.)

I won’t even go into the premise because I like going into these things without too much advanced knowledge of what’s coming, but oh am I ever hooked on this dark and creepy story. I don’t find the podcast quite as tight, production-wise*, as Serial or S-Town, but there’s no way I’d stop listening. I need to know how it ends. I’ve got 3 more episodes to go, and if Gooplet wakes up anytime soon, we’re taking it to the streets so I can finish!

*It should be noted that while finding the image above, I skimmed and scanned the Vulture article to find out they like the written narrative from the LA Times way better than the podcast. So perhaps I’ll try that next. But I don’t want to interrupt the story in which I am already deeply entrenched, so I am definitely finishing the podcast first.

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