The List of Awesome

Here it is, a short 11 months after the last list, because last year I got confused about which day is List of Awesome Day.  Make no mistake it is March 27, not April 27.

Which means today is list of awesome day.  The fourth annual A Glass of Milk List of Awesome.  With some repeats from previous years because some things are always awesome (see also: libraries).  I post this every year because it makes me feel happy.  I love having these lists.  I print them and include them in my scrapbooks.  I look for patterns.  And after 4 years (and 200 items) of awesome, I can tell you that most of what makes the list doesn’t cost money (see also: libraries).  Or at least, not a lot.  Most of what’s awesome is small.  Most of what’s awesome is easily overlooked.  What’s on your list, dear readers?  How do you notice what’s awesome in your life?

As of right now, here are 50 awesome things in mine.


People who work in retail who strike the perfect between ignoring you completely and hovering over your every move
Looking out at the ocean
Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask
Staying in your pajamas all day
A new baseball cap
Lemon water
The Whitney English Day Designer
Long drives, complete with singing at the top of your lungs
Cute notebooks from Target
Finding out Netflix just got one of your favorite movies
Brownie taste tests
Paper invitations
An iced grande vanilla latte when you’re used to skim
Self help books (specifically this one, and this one)
Going to the movies by yourself
The gift of time–giving it and getting it
A full house and a table full of food
Appearing fresh-faced after a good night’s sleep
Clearing a surface of all clutter
Tara and Johnny
Finishing something that’s been on your to-do list forever
The minute you (slowly) close the cover of an amazing book
A roaring fire in the fireplace
The new season of DWTS
Figuring out how to can remix an outfit in a new way
Realizing you drank your full 8 glasses of water in a day
A good hair day
obx sunset
The right song at the right time
The excitement of visiting somewhere new
Getting rid of things you don’t need
New underwear (come on, you know it’s true)
Catching up with someone you happened to run into
Finding out you picked the fast lane at the grocery store
Fun pensgiftsGetting a genuine compliment
British accents
Chocolate and peanut butter
Chocolate and mint
Finding something from  your childhood you forgot about
Return address stamps
Feeling like you’ve come a long way from where you were
Natural light
Birthdays – yours or anyone else’s
Having time to make something besides a smoothie for breakfast in the morning
Someone taking care of you when you don’t feel well
le pain
A good, long lunch date in the middle of a work week
Watching kids you’ve known for years grow into real people

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7 thoughts on “The List of Awesome

  1. Honorable mention: Getting handed a flower by a stranger while eating, then having that stranger walk away and asking for nothing in return

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