What is a Normal Week Anyway? [Week in the Life, Friday]

There’s something about doing this project, this year, dear readers. One of my favorite things about it is that Ali picks the week. It’s a week that she thinks is good for her to do the project, and as a result, it’s just a week in my life that is what it is. If I were to pick a random week, I’d agonize about which week seems the most normal, when in reality, a week is a week is a week. It has normal pieces and not normal pieces, and we roll with whatever comes our way. Here’s what Friday looked like.


Everything is a phase. Everything. And for the last two days, he seems to be coming out of whatever little funk he was in. When this happens, we both become far more wonderful people.


He’s learned to stick his finger in the raspberries and eat them that way. I love it. (Also, his eyelashes have gotten even longer and I love that too.)


A rare quiet moment. Ahhhhhh.

IMG_0634Lately, he’s been picking at his official breakfast in his high chair. When he throws a fit about an hour later, I know he’s starving, and he inhales breakfast, part deux, wherever we are.


This kid has been exploring everything around him so much more intently these days.


We end up at the grocery store about 3 times a week because we can’t keep enough berries in the house. On this go-round, I was checking out, and Gooplet started shrieking. He had a bloody lip – no idea how that happened. So I scooped him up and out of the cart for some snuggles, and then he decided he’d help push it to the door.


Naptime hustle. Scheduling some summer dates. This week, naptimes have been very hustle-y, and as a result I’m super exhausted and am desperate for a break. Here’s to letting that be okay and reading on the porch a bit more next week.


I can’t open the pantry door for a minute without him going in to investigate something. (The ankle-chub is in full effect here.)


Dragged this kid across town on errands today and he was a total trooper. This Target had so many empty spots on shelves that it wasn’t worth it.


Chipotle, however, is always worth the trip. Gooplet inhaled half of my chicken.


Surveying the landscape at Costco. We’re new here, and I’m not in a good grocery groove here yet. Super fun to explore the aisles, though. We found a book we’ve been wanting!


We got back late, which made naptime this whole ordeal. He ended up bringing his blue car (in his hands in this photo) and Batman up for naptime. Batman is almost always a bedtime companion these days. Why attach to something soft and snuggly when you could bring plastic figurines?


Cleaning the windows. Someone’s gotta do it.


On a post-dinner, pre-bath walk around the hood. I love that almost every time we go out, we run into someone and end up chatting. This time around, we talked to some neighbors at the bottom of our street, and met some faces from around the corner.


I just can’t with this face.


Every night, my husband does story time right before bed. Stopping to peek in on these boys before I go downstairs to eat dinner is absolutely a highlight of every night I’m home.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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