Have I Turned Into a Mommy Blogger? [Week in the Life, Saturday]

When Gooplet was born, I promised this wouldn’t turn into a mommy blog.

For the record – I read and love a lot of mommy blogs. But I don’t want to write one of my own.

And every day, when I come over to this place to upload my photos, I am struck by how many of Gooplet you all are getting this week. And this morning I realized (wait for it) it is what it is. Gooplet is one, and oh dearie me, do we see a lot of each other. Whenever Week in the Life falls next year, I bet that will still be the case. And after that, he’ll probably be off doing his own thing, at least a little bit of the time. And after that? He’ll be away from me more and more.

I saw a mom/neighbor/friend Friday afternoon. She had spent the day on a field trip with her son, and when I ran into her, she was running after her daughter who was off to soccer. “You’re not done for the day, are you?” I asked her. After all, I only had dinner, bath and bed, before I kissed Gooplet goodnight. “Oh, I’m just getting started,” she said.

This particular season is full of Gooplet. And thus, the photos are full of him too. Who knows what the next season will bring.


Some days start with a walk. (Most days now that the weather is nicer.)


Some (weekend) days start with bagels.


Most days involve a grocery trip for at least an item or two. (Flowers, hummus, and coffee, today.)


Most days involve playing with Dad on the floor.


Some days include special visitors. My aunt was in town for a day, and Gooplet was so excited to see her, he went running around, showing off by pointing to things in our house.


Some days there is baking going on. These are oatmeal chocolate chip cookies, except I replaced the 3 C of oats called for with 3 C of the coconut/almond/cranberry Special K I found at Costco the other day. So good.


Some days involve cousin playdates. Gooplet’s cousin is 9 months older than him, and we see her at the library for story time, and on the weekends to hang out. These two are definitely learning how to share. It seems one has no interest in any particular toy until the other picks it up.


Most days involve us trying to figure out what to put on your tray for dinner. I texted my friends once to ask if I was the only mom who felt like she was feeding her kid a rotation of the same four foods. (I wasn’t.)


Some days have so much going on, it’s best to excuse yourself to play upstairs “alone” for a little while. This kid doesn’t have a huge family, but today he spent time with a great-aunt, a great-uncle, an aunt, a cousin, and oh yeah, his mom and dad. That’s a lot for a little guy.


And most days he rallies, and is back to “business” as usual after a breather.


After Gooplet was asleep, and we ate dinner, my aunt went up to bed, and my husband went up to iron, and I got 30 minutes on the couch with this book (which I am not very far into, but love) before I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer.

Why so many photos in one day? It’s Week in the Life! Stay tuned for more shots from my week.

Questions? Ali invented it.

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